4 Axis Automatic Palletiser

Palletising stations for integrating into automatic lines, adaptable to work with any kind of rigid or semi-rigid packaging. They are compatible with a wide range of different containers: boxes, bags, drums, plastic containers, etc. 4AXIS machines are the best palletising solution for low and medium production lines as they are low maintenance and space efficient.

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8 cycles/min

Maximum Production

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4 Axis Automatic Palletiser

Machine Specifications

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Main Features
Technical Specification
Packaging Types

Suitable for a wide range of different products

Heads customised for the product being handled

Various installation options so it can be adapted to any available space

Format changes configured using a touch screen with graphic menu

Precise handling of products

Maximum load of 40 KG

Maximum production of 8 cycles per minute

CE certification in accordance with 2006/42/CE directive.

Available Heads: Vacuum layers

Suction cups


Head options: Interchangeable head

Double head.

Pallet position options: On floor

Forklift conveyor

500 mm conveyor.

Pneumatic pressure:

6 bar

Air consumption:

3 l/cycle

Power supply:

230/400V III+N+T

Installed Power:

6,0 kW

Power Consumption:

4,8 kWh

Dimensions (h=1800 pallet on floor version):

L 2780 mm W 1835 mm H 4645 mm

Approx Weight:

800 KG.

Pallet Sizes:

Length (800-1200mm) Width (600-1200mm) Height (Max. 2400mm)

Packaging types: cartons, boxes, metal cans, plastic trays, carton trays, sacks, plastic containers. Weight Limit: 40kg.


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4 Axis Automatic Palletiser

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