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A depalletiser is a machine used in the manufacturing and packaging industries to automatically remove or unload products or materials from a pallet onto a conveyor or production line. The machine typically consists of a series of mechanical components, including a frame, conveyor and lifting mechanism to improve the efficiency of the production line.

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Autopack machines are specialists in handling empty containers such as jars, bottles, tins and cans made from various materials such as glass, plastic or aluminium. The Autopack depalletiser is a high-level sweep-off machine that can be either a compact solution with manual loading and unloading of the pallet or a fully automatic solution with full pallet buffer conveyors, layer pad removal and empty pallet storage magazine.

Pre-set recipes can be loaded on the machine HMI and new pallet builds can be loaded into the machine by the operator. The pallet is de-shrouded by the operator and placed into the machine using a forklift truck or pallet truck. The depalletiser then lifts the pallet up so that the top layer is in-line with the take-off conveyor. Top pads and layer pads can be automatically removed and placed into a storage magazine. During the sweep-off process, the layer underneath the layer being removed is clamped to ensure no containers fall over. Once a layer has been removed, the containers are presented to a pressure-less combining conveyor system to feed the bottles in a single file to the next machine. Once a complete pallet has been processed the depalletiser can either create an alarm for an operator to remove the empty pallet or send the pallet to the empty pallet magazine where 12 – 15 pallets can be stacked. Autopack`s knowledge in empty container handling means their depalletizing machines can be used in conjunction with empty bottle unscramblers or electronically blocked to an air rinsing machine.

  • Vacuum lift depalletisers
  • Layer push depalletisers
  • Bulk depalletisers

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View our wide range of innovative industrial packaging machines to speed up and automate your production line.

Yes, all of the Traktech depalletising machines can handle multiple container sizes. The maximum pallet build height has to be specified at the design stage. Find out more about depalletisers here.

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