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Types of Empty Container Handling Machines

Bulk glass can be introduced to a production line by a depalletising machine (either low-level or high-level). Plastic containers can be introduced to a production line with an empty bottle unscrambling machine. Containers can then be cleaned internally with an air rinser and then fed along the production line to be filled.

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An unscrambler is a machine used to sort, orient and unscramble empty containers. The machines use a series of conveyors, rollers and sorting mechanisms to separate and align the bottles, jars or other empty containers, to ensure that they are in the correct orientation for further processing – filling and sealing, for example further down the production line.

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A depalletising machine typically consists of a conveyor system that transports the pallet to the machine and removes the items from the pallet layer by layer, feeding them into a system for sorting and distributing the items to their designated locations. They can handle a wide variety of products and pallet types to increase efficiency in the production line.

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An air rinser is a machine used to clean bottles, cans or other containers before they are filled with liquid or other products. They work by using compressed air to blow out any debris or dust that may be inside the container. Air is directed into the container through nozzles, which ensure that all areas are cleaned.

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What is empty container handling?

Empty container handling machines can be divided into unscramblers for plastic containers and depalletisers for both glass and plastic containers.

The machine works by automatically sorting containers and feeding them on to a conveyor system so that they can be easily filled with product. Many of the machines can be manually adjusted for different sizes and shapes of bottle or jar, whilst others are automatically able to adjust and handle every type of empty container that is fed into it. Empty bottle unscrambler machines also inspect the containers for defects and remove any that are damaged from the production line. Some empty container handling machines have the facility to clean the containers prior to filling.

Empty container depalletisers can consist of various types of machines, depending on production speeds and material of the container. It also depends on how the containers are delivered to the manufacturer. Glass and aluminium are typically delivered stacked on pallets with plastic layer pads between each row. Plastic containers (such as PET, PP or HDPE) are typically delivered in boxes or stacked on pallets and may require a depalletising machine to remove the containers from the pallet – using a mechanism to remove the items from the pallet, sort them and distribute them to their designated locations.

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The benefits of empty container handling machines

Using empty container handling machines within the packaging processes has a wide variety of benefits. They make production lines more efficient, moving containers quickly and accurately, whilst reducing the time and effort required for manual handling. Machines can move and fill empty bottles, jars or other containers at a speed that would be completely impossible for a manual workforce to achieve. This means that investing in empty container handling machinery will speed up the processing and production lines of your company – creating opportunities for greater revenue.

Using empty container handling machinery instead of human staff handling the processes also improves health and safety in the workplace and greatly reduces the risks of repetitive strain injuries and other work-related ailments. The equipment can furthermore reduce labour costs by reducing the number of staff members needed to handle the processing procedures. Machinery can also handle containers in a specific and uniform manner, which ensures consistency in the production line, giving a professional overall finish. The uniformity of the production will also improve quality control with a much-reduced risk of error or defect in the packaging and final products.

Finally, empty container handling machines are also very flexible in the ways that they can be adjusted to manage a wide range of container shapes and sizes. This enables one machine to be used for a variety of packaging applications.

Whether your business requires a bulk glass depalletising machine or needs a bottle unscrambling machine, investing in any form of empty container handling machinery is guaranteed to improve the efficiency and quality of your production line and make your warehouse a safer place to work.


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View our wide range of innovative industrial packaging machines to speed up and automate your production line.

Empty container handling is the process by which various types of machines manage empty containers of all shapes and sizes, depending on production speeds and material of the container. Some containers require depalletising devices to remove them into the empty container handling machines. Empty container handling machines then sort bottles or jars, check for faults, and feed them into the production line for filling.

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