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Types of Powder Processing Equipment

Powder filling machines are split into semi-automatic and fully automatic types of machines. Semi-automatic powder fillers fall into two categories: volumetric fillers and gravimetric powder fillers which use weight measurements to ensure a precise amount of powder is dispensed. Fully automatic machines are generally volumetric fillers.

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Automatic Powder Filling Machines

Automatic powder filling machines are nearly always volumetric as they cannot have a weigh cell attached to them as they are normally mounted above a packaging machine. The quantity is based on the number of turns of the auger and will stop when the desired number of revolutions has been reached.

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Semi-automatic Powder Filling Machines

A semi-automatic powder filling machine normally fills the packaging container, bag or pouch which sits on a weighing platform. The product starts to fill into the pack and stops when it has reached its set weight point. A semi-automatic volumetric powder filling is based on the number of turns of the auger. Semi-automatic machines are usually floor standing.

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What is a powder filling machine?

A powder filling machine is a machine that takes various powders and granules and deposits a predetermined quantity into containers such as pots, jars, trays and buckets or flexible pack styles such as pouches, Doypacks, bags, sachets and sticks.

They are predominantly used in the food and chemical industry for powdered products such as spices, flour, milk powder, coffee and pharmaceuticals. The powder filling machine can automate the process, which increases productivity and reduces the risk of contamination. The container, jar, pot or tray enters the powder filling machine where they pass on to the filling station, under a hopper or filler which uses a predetermined volume of powder or weight to ensure that the correct amount of powder is dispensed into each container.

They are then able to be sealed by a capping machine, by hand or by another form of sealant.  Powder filling machines can be semi-automatic or fully automated and are able to be integrated with secondary machines that can heat seal flexible packages or cap and seal jars or pots, as well as in-line or rotary container handling systems for pots, jars and buckets.

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The benefits of a powder filling machine

There are several benefits of using powder filling equipment for filling containers with powdered products, one of the biggest being the increase in production volumes and efficiency of production as well as the confidence of uniform repeatability compared to a manual process.

Able to fill containers much more quickly and efficiently, a powder filling machine helps manufacturers to meet high demand and reduce lead times. It is very difficult to manually speed up powder filling into packs that have a restricted aperture such as a container, bottle or narrow pouch, so using a powder filling machine reduces labour costs. A powder filling machine can also help to prevent product waste by accurately filling containers with the correct amount of powder which reduces the likelihood of overfilling or underfilling.

Using the correct tools will also help to remove the dust given off which can be created by manual filling of a powdered product, which can also be harmful to workers to breathe in. Using a powder filling machine will reduce the risk of contamination by reducing the amount of human contact with the product – ideal for the food and beverage as well as pharmaceutical industries. These machines can be customised to fill different types of containers with various types of powdered products which makes them a versatile solution for a wide range of industries and applications.


All our powder fillers are servo-controlled to give excellent accuracy and uniformity.


All the powder fillers are tool-free with quick-release systems to allow for easy cleaning.


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View our wide range of innovative industrial packaging machines to speed up and automate your production line.

A powder filling machine works by automatically filling containers with powdered products. Initially, the containers to be filled are loaded onto the machine, either manually or automatically. They then move to the filling station, which is essentially a stainless steel, coned hopper containing an auger screw which controls the discharge of product from the bottom of the hopper.

The filling mechanism dispenses the powder product into the containers according to the pre-programmed quantities. Inside the coned hopper are two counter-rotating scrapers or mixers, depending on the characteristics of the powder, to keep the powder from sticking to the side of the auger and consistently fill the flights of the screw. The product is fed through the top plate via an inlet chute that can be filled manually or connected to an automatic feed system controlled by a level probe which is also mounted into the top plate.

Depending on the container being filled with powder or granules, it will need sealing or capping. When the containers are filled, capped or sealed they are then automatically discharged from the machine for packaging, labelling and distribution.


Powder Filling Systems - FAQs

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