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Capping Machines

The purpose of an automatic capping machine is to seal containers securely to meet industry regulations. Many industries such as food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics all depend on capping machines to hygienically seal products—the automated process is so efficient it results in increased consumer trust, staff safety and productivity.


Capping Machine Systems

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Automatic capping machines can be a huge benefit to your production line.

Capping systems work by automating the process of sealing containers with caps or lids. Automated capping machines use mechanisms like conveyor belts to move containers, precise torque control to apply the right amount of force for sealing, and sorting mechanisms that ensure caps are positioned correctly before sealing. As containers move through the machine, caps are placed on top of the container and secured, providing consistent and reliable sealing. Investing in an automatic capping system improves production efficiency, reduces room for errors, and maintains product integrity, making it a very useful tool in a variety of industries.

Caps can be metal or plastic, screw-on lids, crown caps, snap caps or ROPP (Roll on Pilfer Proof Caps) and the capping machine applies the relevant cap to the container as part of the manufacturing and production process. Many capping systems can be integrated into the production line, where the liquid or powder filling and sealing process produces the finished, shippable product at the end.

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Jar Capping Machines

Autopack capping machine manufacturers supply a wide range of jar capping machines, designed to seal jars of many different sizes and materials. Depending on the model, our jar sealing machines can close between 500 and 30,000 containers per hour, speeding up your company’s production process.

The Benefits of Capping Equipment

One of the best benefits that investing in an automatic capping machine will have, is the improved speed of production.

Sealing containers by hand is a laborious process and, depending on the method of sealing can take a great deal of time. Using a capping machine to seal jars or bottles in your production line will speed up the production of your finished product exponentially, meaning that they can be shipped and sold more quickly, enabling you to reap the profits sooner.

Investing in an automatic cap sealing machine will award your company the benefit of consistent, reliable and secure sealing of jars and bottles. When the machine is optimised and correctly set up, the first and last bottle sent through the machine will be tightened and sealed in the same manner, resulting in identically finished products and a professional look.

Capping performed manually is not as consistent as factors such as human fatigue can lead to inconsistent sealing and even loss of product, not to mention the risk to staff of repetitive strain injuries. Whereas the automatic capping machine merely requires an operator to ensure that the hopper remains topped-up with relevant caps to consistently continue the capping process as long as desired. This then leaves your staff free to engage in other packaging tasks, doubling the processing speed.

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Bottle Capping Machines

Autopack capping machine manufacturers offer a range of bottle capping systems, which include automated systems for screw-close as well as metal push-close lids. Depending on your production needs, we supply capping equipment that can process between 600 and 54,000 containers per hour, speeding up your company's production.

Our Automatic Capping Machines

Using an automatic capping machine for sealing jars or bottles ensures a clean seal, something that might not be guaranteed if done by hand.

This is especially useful for industries where keeping things germ-free is really important, like food, medicine, and cosmetic products.

Another important situation where this matters is when sealing liquids that could be harmful, such as within the chemical industry. Automated capping systems provide extra safety for workers by removing the need to touch dangerous substances.

Our automatic cap sealing machines are highly adaptable and capable of handling varying cap types and sizes. If your company plans to expand its product range, then our capping systems are great for you. They require minimal adjustments even when switching to new cap dimensions during production, offering great flexibility.

Investing in an automatic capping machine is a great choice as it results in immediate efficiency gains. With the addition of a conveyor system, this investment marks the first step towards automating your packaging line and improving production capabilities. This choice not only speeds up product delivery but also increases the number and volume of lines you can produce, which ultimately contributes to the growth of your company.


User friendly

The capping equipment we supply is designed to be easily used by any machine operator. They feature ergonomic designs with easy access for cleaning, washing down, and adjustments as needed. Our capping machines also require minimal maintenance and are built to be durable for long-lasting service.



Our automatic cap sealing machines all have a great deal of flexibility being able to seal a wide variety of sizes and types of lids. With the correct choice of machine, your company can use it for a wide variety of applications, saving the need to purchase multiple machines for each product.



Our automatic capping equipment is both compact and powerful, allowing for the safe handling of many different products. Incorporating a capping machine into your production line can significantly improve the speed of your processing and production.

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A cap sealing machine is a piece of equipment that secures caps or lids onto jars, bottles or drums and can be manual, semi-automatic and automatic.

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