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Liquid Filling Machines

Liquid filling machines are programmed to accurately and reliably dispense a set volume of liquid product into any container. The filling heads are synchronised with the conveyor creating a completely automatic process that is indispensable in sectors like food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. The machines range in size and complexity for all production facilities.

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Popular Liquid Filling Machines

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Types of Liquid Filling Systems

At Autopack we supply a variety of liquid filling machines, including rotary machines for medium to high-speed applications, linear machines for medium-speed ranges, single-head or twin-head depositors for lower-speed applications, and peristaltic packing options. A peristaltic pump liquid filling machine can be either a single-head manually operated filler or integrated into a multi-head machine for higher-speed automatic lines.

Depositor liquid filling machine with rotary valve on floor stand

Depositor liquid filling machines are designed to dispense a specific amount of product such as batter, dough, or viscous liquid, into containers or onto a surface. These incredibly versatile machines can be used with a variety of containers and can be equipped with different piston sizes, which can be programmed to deposit a specific amount of product.


Peristaltic pump liquid filling machines are designed for applications with a low-fill volume that require high accuracy. These are benchtop machines with the parameters set using the operator screen. Simple, easy to use and easy to clean, they are the perfect entry-level filler.

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Rotary Monobloc

Rotary liquid filling machines typically consist of a rotating platform that moves the container through a series of filling stations, where the liquid product is dispensed. They can handle all kinds of liquid products, such as spirits, wine, juices, oils, and sparkling or carbonated products, as well as foaming products for the personal and home care sectors.

Linear Ayrtac liquid filling machine product image

Linear bottle filling machines convey the containers in a straight line to the filling station. They are designed to handle a wide range of containers of different shapes and sizes. There are liquid filling machines designed for hygienic products, such as the food and beverage industry, and other machines better suited to non-food products, such as chemical, personal care and home care liquids.

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What is a liquid filling machine?

A liquid filling machine is a type of industrial equipment used to fill containers with liquid products, such as beverages, cosmetics, chemicals and pharmaceutical liquids. Bottle filling machines can fill containers of different shapes and sizes, ranging from small vials to large bottles or containers.

A typical liquid filling machine consists of a conveyor system that moves empty containers to the filling station, which houses a reservoir or hopper containing the liquid product. The machine features nozzles or needles to dispense the liquid into the containers. The filling process is controlled by a sensor or metering system to ensure precise liquid amounts are deposited in each container.

Various types of bottle filling machines are available, including volumetric machines (for specific volume filling) and gravimetric machines (based on weight). Hygienic volumetric piston fillers are ideal for food, while standard volumetric piston fillers suit non-food liquids like soaps. Counter-pressure fillers are common for carbonated products, flow-meter filling for dairy, and pressure-gravity liquid fillers for spirits.

Liquid filling machines can be automated and integrated with capping, labelling, and end-of-line equipment to create a complete packaging system. Overall, liquid packing machines can enhance productivity, reduce waste, and ensure consistent and accurate filling processes.

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Benefits of Liquid Filling Machines

By partnering with a liquid filling machine manufacturer such as Autopack, one can expect an increase in production volumes and efficiency. Our automatic bottle filling machines are designed to fill containers quickly and precisely, helping you to more easily meet demand and reduce lead times.

Liquid filling machines can be programmed for precise liquid measurements, ensuring consistent and accurate filling while minimising waste and enhancing product quality. The introduction of automatic liquid packing machines reduces the need for manual labour, lowering labour costs and improving overall efficiency. Liquid filling equipment offers remarkable flexibility and can be adapted to various container shapes and sizes and meet diverse production needs.

Many liquid packing machines incorporate hygienic features, vital for maintaining product purity and reducing contamination risks, especially in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical sectors. Their design emphasises easy maintenance and cleaning, reducing downtime and enhancing equipment efficacy. Automatic bottle filling machines can also integrate seamlessly with other equipment, such as rotary capping machines, to apply various caps while upholding packaging hygiene standards, guaranteeing a pure product for shipping. As a leading packaging machine supplier, Autopack provides comprehensive support for all our machines through our UK-based after-sales team.


Liquid packaging equipment accommodates diverse product types and varying volumes.


Liquid filling machine manufacturer providing a complete support service with a UK-based team.


Hygienic (food) and non-food grade liquid packaging systems available to meet different specifications and budgets.
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View our wide range of innovative industrial packaging machines to speed up and automate your production line.


Liquid Filling Machine FAQs

Automatic liquid filling machines fill containers to a pre-set volume or a height inside the container. Autopack supplies machines suitable for all products across all industries at speeds of up to 30,000 containers per hour.

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