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Semi-Automatic Bag In Box Filling Machine

Autopack offers four models of Semi-Automatic Bag in Box filling machine products.  The Ecofill PROBOX requires the operator to load the empty bag then the machine automatically decaps, fills and caps before the operator removes the final pouch. The Ecofill HT1 model handles reel fed bags, the operator loads the first pouch from the reel then the machine decaps, fills, caps, winds the next pouch before cutting off the filled bag also available as an Aseptic model. The Ecofill HT2 model has 2 filling heads and can be supplied to handle manually loaded bags or bags fed from a web.

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Semi-Automatic Bag In Box Filling Machine Range

Autopack supplies four Semi-Automatic Bag in Box filling machine models.

Ecofill PROBOX

The Ecofill PROBOX is semi-automatic Bag in Box packaging equipment for BiB bags. The operator loads the bag into the machine and locates the cap in the clamp. The operator then presses the start button and the machine automatically removes the cap,  and presents the filling nozzle into the aperture, applies a vacuum to the bag before filling to the preset volume in the touch screen recipe. After filling purging with inert gas such as nitrogen can then be done prior to the machine applying the cap. The operator then removes the final bag manually.

Ecofill HT1 Full action

The Ecofill HT1 full action is a semi-automatic Bag in Box filling machine to fill individual bags or continuous bags from a web. The uncapping, vacuum, filling, N2 injection, capping and dispensing is all automated with only the bag placement a manual operation.

Ecofill HT1 Full Action ASEPTIC

The Ecofill HT1 full-action ASEPTIC is a semi-automatic filling machine to fill individual bags. The bag is manually inserted into the chamber and once the chamber is sealed steam is injected in the area of the cap to sterilise the filling environment.

Ecofill HT2 Full Action

The Ecofill HT2 Full Action Machine is designed to increase throughout on a semi-automated Bag in Box filling machine. It has 2 filling heads that allow the operator to unload / load a bag whilst a second bag is being filled. The auto-start function detects when a bag is positioned correctly and the filling cycle starts automatically. On change over the filling cycle of valve 2 also starts automatically if a bag has been positioned.

  • Semi-automatic filling machinery for bag in box bags.
  • Aseptic option available for sterilisation.
  • Ergonomically designed to reduce operator strain and increase throughout.
  • Automated uncapping, vacuum, filling, purging and capping features.

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At Autopack, we provide a vast selection of bags that can be filled by a semi-automatic Bag in Box filling machine. From 1.5L (litres) to 20L (litres).

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