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Horizontal Sachet Machines

The most commonly used packaging machinery for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, horizontal sachet machines are used to package powders, granules, wipes, liquids and creams into small, convenient and portable packages. Horizontal sachet machines are able to produce sachets in a wide range of shapes and sizes and can be customised with additional features, such as printing and labelling, as well as tear notches and easy-open features. As they are so highly efficient, they can produce hundreds of sachets per minute and are therefore ideal for high-volume production outfits.

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Range overview

The Postpack range of horizontal sachet machines is able to support most budgets and requirements, as machines in the range are able to run sachets of between 30mm – 170mm at a rate of up to 200 sachets per minute.

They are also able to run a plethora of sachet styles, including three- and four-sided, shaped and Euroslot sachets, in addition to producing sachets with a variety of different seal types. All horizontal sachet machines can be provided with printers, labelling devices and a wide range of filling systems, as well as post machine-collation and packaging systems.

  • MH 110 – Able to produce 100 – 200 sachets per minute, this is an automatic horizontal sachet machine available in standard and duplex versions. The film is folded into a ‘V’ shape, before being filled, sealed and cut in a scissor-like manner. It has maximum production and is suitable for all types of product fillers.
  • MH 140 – Producing 100 -200 sachets per minute, this machine is best suited to granules, liquids and paste products. Available in standard and duplex forms, it can generate three- or four-sided sealed sachets using heat-sealable materials.
  • MH 170 – Able to produce 40 – 50 sachets per minute, this automatic Doypack machine is best suited to powder, granule, liquid and paste products in three- or four-sided sachets. The heat-sealable film is folded into a ‘W’ shape, before being filled and sealed through the stages of the machine.

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Horizontal sachets are a suitable way to create single-dose products for a vast array of industries. For instance, liquids, creams and pastes are often used by the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, in addition to powder and granulated products.

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