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Palletiser Machines

Palletiser machines are used to complete end-of-line packing and palletising solutions for medium-speed production lines and will stack and organise packaged products onto pallets prior to shipping or storage. They can be programmed to create specific pallet patterns and will handle various types of pallets. The machine consists of a conveyor system that delivers the products or materials to a robotic arm or another mechanical device, which then lifts and places them onto a pallet in the pre-programmed pattern or configuration. The pallet can then be wrapped to ensure stability for storage or during transportation. Our range of palletisers is designed with space in mind.

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Range overview

Autopack, in partnership with DNC, offers a range of palletising machines to support your end-of-line production and packaging systems.

Our machines are suitable for a wide range of different products and can be configured to manage boxes of varying sizes and shapes. Depending on the model, they can handle heavy products and can have a variety of different heads depending on the requirements of the packaging procedures. Also, able to be configured to different pallet builds with the touchscreen HMI and programmed to connect with other end-of-line packaging equipment, these are the most flexible palletising machines for your needs.

  • 4 Axis – This automatic palletising machine picks boxes from an adjacent conveyor and places them onto pallets to a pre-set programme. New pallet builds can be adjusted on the touchscreen menu. Maximum load of 40 kg and maximum production of eight cycles per minute.
  • The ROBOT – An automatic, 100% configurable machine – enabling it to lift and palletise any shape or size of component. The robotic arms make pick and placement extremely accurate to maximise the dimensions of the pallet that is being loaded.

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Our palletising machines are able to be configured to cater to a wide range of box sizes and weights as well as different pallet types. Depending on the model different heads and conveyors are available and machines can connect to a range of different additional end-of-line packaging equipment for a complete shipping system.

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