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Jar Capping Machines

Jar capping machines are used to securely seal jars and containers, ensuring product freshness and preventing contamination. There are many types of jar-sealing machines, including twist cappers, press-on cappers, and vacuum cappers.

Twist cappers use threaded caps and are suitable for products like food, beverages, and cosmetics. Press-on cappers are ideal for snap-on lids and work well with products such as creams and lotions. Vacuum cappers create an airtight seal, making them perfect for preserving the shelf life of perishable items like pickles and jams. Industries that can benefit most from jar capping machines include food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.


Types of Jar Capping Machines

OX3 Automatic Capping Machine
Dry Vacuum

Dry vacuum seal jar machines are designed to close jars by creating a vacuum within the container without the use of liquid or steam. These machines typically employ a combination of vacuum pumps and sealing mechanisms to remove the air from the jar and create a tight, secure seal. Dry vacuum capping is ideal for preserving the freshness and shelf life of a wide range of products, including dry goods, powders, and certain food items. It offers an efficient and cost-effective method for packaging products in airtight containers.

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Steam Vacuum

Steam vacuum seal jar capping machines are specialised equipment used for sealing jars by using a combination of steam and vacuum technology. These machines use steam to heat the contents of the jar, which causes the air within to expand and escape. After the jar is sealed, a vacuum is applied to remove any remaining air and create a strong, airtight seal. Steam vacuum capping is particularly useful for packaging products that require pasteurisation or high-temperature sealing, such as canned vegetables, fruits, or sauces. It helps to extend the product's shelf life and maintain its quality.

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What Are Jar Capping Machines Used for?

A jar capping machine is used to fix a cap or lid on a jar. Whether caps are made from plastic or metal, screw-on lids, crown caps, snap caps or ROPP (Roll on Pilfer Proof) lids, the jar closing machine applies the relevant cap to the jar as part of the manufacturing and production process. Jar vacuum sealing machines are used to seal liquids, or semi-liquids such as creams or gels, to prevent spillage in the shipping process, and create a sterile sealing for a product.

Jar capping machines come in manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic variants, tailored to the specific needs of your production line. These machines efficiently automate most of the processing for your company’s products. They ensure a sterile end product and expedite the production process by filling jars with the product and sealing them before they are ready for shipping. Semi-automatic jar capping machines necessitate some operator involvement, typically for placing the cap or lid before the machine seals it. Manual machines are well-suited for small-scale production lines, especially in scenarios where no power source is available or when dealing with flammable alcohol or solvent-based liquids.

Glass jar capping machines, regardless of the type, speed up your company’s production processes. Investing in a jar sealing machine empowers your staff to concentrate on more crucial shipping and packaging duties, alleviating them from repetitive strain injuries. Integrating an automatic filling and jar capping machine will significantly boost your business’s production efficiency, enabling you to ship more of your products and facilitating the introduction of new product lines, thereby expanding your company’s manufacturing capabilities.

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Benefits of Jar Capping Equipment

Jar capping equipment is ideally integrated into a broader production line, offering seamless connections with filling and labelling systems to process your product from the initial stage to a finished commodity, ready for shipping. If you're looking to expand your business's production capabilities and achieve a substantial increase in output, a filling and jar capping machine presents an affordable and efficient solution. Depending on the model you choose, a jar capping machine can seal anywhere from 500 to 30,000 jars per hour, making it an excellent initial step in streamlining your production process. This improvement can result in new product lines in your company's catalogue.

When a business is involved in the production and sale of liquid or semi-liquid products, such as creams or gels, securely applying caps or lids to jars is a critical part of the process. Jar vacuum sealing machines ensure that each lid is sealed in a sanitary manner, eliminating any risk of contamination from handling. These jar capping machines are particularly well-suited for the food and beverage industry, as well as companies that manufacture medical products, cosmetics, and toiletries, where maintaining a sanitised and disinfected product is imperative. Additionally, automatic jar sealing machines offer huge safety benefits to the chemical sector by safeguarding human operators from potential mishandling of hazardous substances.

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