A200 VFFS Machine

The A200 VFFS has a more complex operating system than the A100 and can be used for bags of different shapes and bigger sizes.

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Maximum production

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A200 VFFS Machine

Machine Specifications

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Main Features
Technical Specification
Packaging Types

Fully automatic

Forms, fills, seals and cuts sachets/bags

Top, bottom and back seals

Auger dispenser for powdered products

Dosing unit for liquid products

Volumetric dispenser for granular products

Maximum production speed:

80 packs per/min

Packaging size range:

Width: 60-200mm / length: 50-280mm

Power supply:

3 phase 0.375 KW

Compressed air:

0.6m3/min 6 bar

Machine weight:

600 KG


(W) 846mm x (H) 1440mm x (L) 1460mm

Polypropylene (PP)


Polypropylene and polyester laminates (PP/PE & PET/PE)

Paper laminates and coated papers

Water soluble films

Recyclable and compostable films

Metalized polypropylene and more

Food & Drink


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