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Air Rinsing Machines

An air rinsing machine is a piece of equipment used in the packaging industry to remove dust, debris and other contaminants before they are filled with products. The machine uses compressed air to blow out any particles that may be present on the container’s surface to ensure a clean and sterile surface before the filling process can commence. The machines can handle a wide range of container sizes and shapes and can be customised to fit specific production requirements.

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Range overview

The Autopack range of empty container air rinsers is designed to handle glass, aluminum, PET, HDPE, PP containers or bottles.

Both cylindrical and shaped containers can be handled on the Autopack range of air rinsing machinery. Speed, container size and container geometry are key to selecting the best rinsing machine for a specific application. All of the Autopack air rinser solutions can be supplied with a Meech ionising unit. This system neutralises the inside of the containers and prevents any contamination from sticking to the inside wall by static. A collection trough is located underneath the area where the containers are inverted and blown out, meaning all debris can be collected and disposed of.

Air rinsing machines

  • Rotary air rinser – The compact machine for round containers and uses a vertical carousel transport system to invert the containers and present them to a series of de-ionising air nozzles.
  • Side grip air rinser – The in-line, high-speed machine uses a side grip belt system to grip the containers and invert them. Once upside down, they are presented to air nozzles to decontaminate.
  • Twist air rinser – The in-line, high-speed air conveyor twist rinser elevates and inverts the containers before presenting them upside down to a series of de-ionised air rinser nozzles. They are then returned to a vertical position.

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View our wide range of innovative industrial packaging machines to speed up and automate your production line.

Yes, the Rotary rinser requires changing parts for containers with different diameters. The side grip rinsers do not require changing parts. Find out more about our machines for rinsing bottles in our latest blog post.

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