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Packing & Sealing Machines

Packing and sealing machines are automated equipment used to package products and seal them for distribution and sale. They are commonly used by manufacturers, third party packers, and companies across a wide range of industries like food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and consumer goods.

These machines streamline the production process, allowing companies to package their products efficiently at high speeds. Some of the key benefits include reduced labour costs, less product waste and consistent sealing for maximum freshness and shelf life. Automatic packing and sealing machines can be used to package items in various formats like bottles, pouches, bags, boxes, and much more.

Types Of Packaging Machines

Rigid Packaging

Rigid packaging machines are used to package solid or semi-solid or liquid products into hard, rigid containers like glass bottles, plastic containers, and metal cans. They are particularly useful for fragile items as they provide secure containment and protection. They can also significantly extend a product's shelf life.

Jar on the conveyor of a jar capping machine

Bottle & Jar Cappers

Bottle and jar cappers are used to seal bottle and jar containers safely and securely through methods like screw capping or Snap-On lids. Some of our models include the OX1 Semi-Automatic Capping Machine for smaller production lines, to the A12 – 12 Head Filling Machine that boasts a higher volume output. They are the perfect choice for preventing leakage and possible tampering with products both in the production and distribution stages to when they finally arrive on shelves.

Empty Container Handlers

These machines automatically position and move empty containers like bottles and cans during the filling stages, optimising the packaging line and overall production process for greater speed and efficiency. Our Empty Container Depalletising machine has been specifically designed to handle glass jars and bottles, plastic containers and aluminium containers and cans. Whereas the Side Grip Air Rinser has been engineered to manage round and shaped containers of any material or colour with ease.

liquid filling machines product

Liquid Fillers

Liquid filling machines use volumetric or gravity filling to accurately fill bottles and containers with liquids like juices, oils, shampoo, and lotions. We have an impressive and diverse range of liquid filling and sealing machines, with some of our models designed specifically for the manufacturing of food items.

Powder Fillers

Powder fillers carefully and precisely fill rigid or flexible packaging with dry powders and granular products like supplements, cosmetic powders and spices. Manually filling and packaging powdered products can often become a tedious and drawn-out process but with the help of our automated packaging machines, you can significantly cut down this process.

Filler Descending Valves


End-of-line machines like case packers, palletisers, and automatic stretch wrappers prepare finished products for shipping and distribution after the filling and sealing process has been completed. If you're looking to speed up production and edge a little closer to the finishing line, then our automated solutions are the answer.

Flexible Packaging

Flexible packing machines package products in bags, pouches and other non-rigid formats, allowing for lightweight, compact packaging. Flexible packaging has steadily grown in popularity over rigid formats, thanks to it being more environmentally friendly and lower in cost.

Bag and automatic pouch machine

Pouch Fillers

Our pouch fillers fill pre-made pouches with products like sauces, cosmetics, powders, liquids and more before securely sealing them. They are used across various industries to automate the filling process on both large-scale and small-scale productions alike.

Sachet Fillers

Sachet filling and sealing machines are used to package small single-serve quantities of products like condiments, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals into flat or stand-up sachets. They are similar to pouch fillers, boasting the same benefits like increased production speed and efficiency, the difference however lies in the size of the sachet being filled.

Turpack stick packaging machine product image on white background

Stick Packers

Stick packing machines package single-serve powders, liquids and more into small stick like packets with a vertical form fill seal process. Our Granular Stick Pack Machine is compatible with all kinds of free-flowing granules, from white sugar to brown sugar, salt, pepper, and all types of spices.

Bag & Pouch Sealers

These sealers securely seal bags and pouches with heat sealing to fasten products. This machine helps maintain the freshness and lifespan of products, automating your production process.

A400 VFFS Machine in a factory setting

Vertical Form Fillers & Sealers

A Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine is used to create bags and pouches from a reel of film, fill products into them and seal the packages in one automated process. You can further customise and modify your machine with additional features like printing and labelling.


Our weighing and packaging machines can precisely measure and dispense products before filling and sealing to ensure accurate and consistent fill weights. We supply are multihead weighers and linear weighers.

Automatic Bag in Box packaging machine for sale

Bag In Box

Bag in box machines simply packages liquid products into a plastic bag liner within a cardboard box, allowing for convenient dispensing and moving of larger liquid bags. We have manual bag in box machines and fully automated ones depending on your preference.

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Packaging machines speed up the packaging process through mechanical and automated systems. Products are loaded, oriented, and filled into packaging before being sealed, labelled, and wrapped for shipping.

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