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Types of end-of-line packaging systems

End-of-line equipment consists of box erectors, box packers, case sealers, palletisers and pallet wrappers – sometimes referred to as stretch wraps. Autopack has solutions for all box sizes – both fully automatic and semi-automatic – at speeds of up to 20 cycles per minute. They work with different pallet sizes where necessary.

case erector Formadora product with a cardboard box
Case Erectors

A case erector is a machine that is used to automatically form corrugated cardboard boxes or cases for packaging products. The machine can fold and seal the bottom flaps of the box, allowing it to be filled with products before being sealed with tape or glue.

monobloc case packer machine product image
Case packers

A case packer is a machine that automatically picks products from a conveyor belt or feeding system and then packs them into cases or boxes for distribution or storage. Generally, the machine can be used to pack a wide range of products, such as bottles, cans, jars or cartons into cases of various sizes and configurations.

case sealing machine with cardboard box
Case Sealers

Case sealers are machines that are used in the end-of-line equipment on a production line to automatically seal boxes after they have been filled with products. Machines can seal large boxes with adhesive tape, gummed paper or hot melt glue. Case sealers can be fully automated – requiring little or no operator intervention – or semi-automated, depending on the model.

automatic palletiser machine product image

Palletisers are items of end-of-line equipment that can be used to automatically stack products on pallets, of various sizes and configurations, for shipment or storage. The palletiser works by picking products from a conveyor belt or feeding system and arranging them in a predetermined order on a pallet. It can add layers until fully loaded.

pallet wrapping machine product image
Pallet wrapping

For companies that use a palletiser to stack products onto pallets at the end of their production lines, a pallet wrapper is used to stretch wrap the products to the pallet. This increases load stability during transportation or storage. Pallet wrappers can be semi-automatic or fully automated versions that require little or no operator input.


What is end-of-line packaging?

Packing and palletising machinery, which is also sometimes referred to as end-of-line equipment, is a group of machines that are used to package products and prepare them for distribution or storage. These machines are typically located at the end of the production line, and they perform tasks such as packaging, sealing, labelling and palletising. Packing or palletising machines are used to wrap, seal or enclose products in various types of packaging, such as bags, boxes or shrink wrap. These machines can be fully automated or semi-automated, depending on the production requirements and the type of packaging being used.

Palletising machines are used to stack and organise the packaged products onto pallets. These machines can be designed to handle various types of pallets and can be programmed to create specific pallet patterns, depending on the product and the customer’s requirements. End-of-line machinery can also include other machines, such as carton sealers, case sealers, box erectors, Little David box tapers and label applicators, which are used to further prepare the packaged products for distribution.  They can place components such as containers, bottles, jars and pots into boxes that have been erected automatically. The boxes are sealed using either tape or hot-melt glue and fed to a palletising machine where they are stacked onto a pallet and shrink- or pallet-wrapped ready for shipping. Essentially, these packing machines are for end-of-line production, preparing goods and products for shipping or storage.

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The benefits of end-of-line packaging automation

Automating a production line with end-of-line packaging equipment is often done for several reasons. End-of-line packaging equipment can operate at much faster speeds than manual labour, which can lead to increased production volumes and faster turnaround times. Automating helps to reduce errors and inconsistencies in the packaging process, resulting in a higher-quality end product. Using automated repetitive packaging tasks with end-of-line equipment means that your company can reduce labour costs and staff can be reassigned to more complex tasks. This equipment also reduces the risk of workplace injuries and accidents associated with manual packaging tasks, so investing in end-of-line equipment helps to enhance health and safety in your production processes for your workforce, as well.

Most automated packing equipment can be programmed to handle a very wide range of product sizes and configurations, allowing for greater flexibility in production. End-of-line packaging equipment improves efficiency by integrating various packaging machines into a single system. Automation helps to streamline the packaging processes – reducing waste and increasing overall efficiency. One of the best benefits of an automated end-of-line packaging system is that it lowers the cost of manual labour, particularly as technology advances and becomes more efficient. Fully automated end-of-line equipment requires virtually no operator intervention and semi-automatic systems only require little input from a team member. As such, any investment in packaging machines will be an investment in the expansion of your production lines and the future of your business.


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View our wide range of innovative industrial packaging machines to speed up and automate your production line.


End-of-line packaging machinery - FAQs

End-of-line packing equipment consists of machines that can take products from the production line and prepare them for shipping or storage. These machines include case erectors, robot packing machines that place the products into pre-erected cases, case sealers, palletisers, case tapers and pallet wrappers, which secure the products on the pallet.

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