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Multi-Head Weighing Machines

Multi-head weighing machines are a type of packaging equipment that is commonly used in the food industry to weigh products into bags, boxes and trays. Having several weighing heads – often ten or more – which are arranged in a circular or linear pattern, the weighing head has a load cell and a hopper that weighs out the required amount of product into the container below. The weighing heads work in unison to accurately weigh out the required amounts of product.

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Range overview

The Autopack multi-head weighers are available in linear or radial designs.

The weighers come in a range of sizes with between 10 and 32 weighing heads and finishes of stainless steel, dimpled, PTFE coated and plastic finishes along with varied angles of the chutes and trays. The weigher will be customised to give the optimum performance of speed and accuracy depending on the products and how they move through the weigher. Multi-head weighers are normally integrated into automatic packaging lines because of the speed at which they operate, but they can be used as semi-automatic machines as well.

  • APAQ 10 – Made of stainless steel with removable parts for easy cleaning, this multi-head machine can have hoppers of 1.6, 3.2 or 5 litre weigh hoppers with different distribution methods. Containing an LCD touchscreen display and 100 product code memory.
  • APAQ 14 – This model can take hoppers of 1.6, 3.2 or 5 litre weigh hoppers with varying distribution methods and is made of stainless steel with removable parts for easy cleaning.
  • DGL – R8 – A radial linear weighing machine, this contains eight individual weigh heads in a compact design. All parts are easily removed for cleaning, and it is virtually maintenance-free.

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