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Pre-Made Pouch Machines

A pre-made pouch machine is designed to take pre-made pouches, fill them with product, then seal them with either a heat seal or some other form of sealant, such as a zip, spout or other feature. The machine can be configured to handle different types of pouches and products and is flexible, compact and easy to use. The high speeds and consistent seals provided make them an ideal addition to any production line.

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Range overview

There are different types of pouch machines available in the pre-made pouch range and they are available as fully automatic and semi-automatic versions.

The procedure begins with the pouch filling machine placing the empty pouches onto the filling station, where the product is dispensed into the pouch, using different filling equipment. A complete, hygienic, hermetic seal is then added. These machines come with optional additional features, such as automatic cleaning, programmable filling capacity, guiding barriers to prevent spills, and pouch identification sensors to help boost productivity and cut down on waste.

  • MH25 – A compact, pre-made pouch machine that can run three-sided pouches and stand-up Doypacks with or without zips. With a single feed-in belt and single filling station, the MH25 has one of the widest range of bag sizes of any machine on the market.
  • MH250 – This larger machine can fill two products on one machine or two doses of the same product to allow for faster throughput for large dose weights.

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View our wide range of innovative industrial packaging machines to speed up and automate your production line.

Yes. Most of our machines are sold as complete systems, as this is generally the most cost-effective way of purchasing the equipment you need. Our team of friendly and qualified engineers will also install all elements of the system for you, for your convenience and complete piece of mind. In addition, we offer post-installation servicing and maintenance to support your system into the future.

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