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Case Erectors

Case erector machines are a type of equipment used in the packaging industry to automatically fold and erect corrugated cardboard boxes or cases ready for filling with products. The machine is designed to handle large volumes of cases and can be customised to fit specific case sizes and configurations. These machines reduce the time and labour used to manually fold and erect corrugated boxes. The machine will seal the boxes with glue or tape ready for loading and shipping.

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Range overview

Autopack, in partnership with DNC, supplies complete end-of-line packing and palletising solutions for medium-speed production lines. Our range of case erectors is designed to handle RSC (Regular Slotted Container) or American-style boxes either semi-automatic, fully automatic or blocked with a packing machine.

The boxes are loaded flat into an empty box magazine before being picked out using vacuum suction cups. During the removal of the boxes from the magazine, the box is opened up to allow the base to be presented to the folding station. The bottom flaps of the box are closed using guides and rails and then secured using either hot melt glue or adhesive tape. Once erected with the top flaps open, the boxes are then conveyed to the next process on the line, often a packing machine.

  • BATEC – For small and standard-size boxes
  • BE – For medium and large boxes

Both models are fully automatic with a fast, accurate and repeatable format change.

The sealing of the bottom flaps can be done with tape, gummed paper or hot melt glue.

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Yes, the machine can be adjusted to cater for a wide range of box sizes.

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