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Automatic Pouch Packing Machines

An automatic pouch packing machine automates the filling and sealing of flexible pouches. Converted from a continuous roll of packaging material, each pouch will be filled with the desired product and sealed. Industries including food and drink, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics utilise these machines to increase production speed, reduce packaging costs, enhance product protection and improve product freshness.

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Types of Pouch Filling Systems

Pouch filling machines come in two primary categories: pre-made and reel-fed.

Pre-made pouch machines are designed to fill and seal pre-existing pouches or bags, making them ideal for industries where packaging specifications are consistent. On the other hand, reel-fed pouch filling machines start with a continuous roll of packaging material, which is then formed into pouches, filled with the product, and sealed. This versatility makes reel-fed pouch machines suitable for a broader range of products and packaging styles, offering flexibility to adapt to changing requirements in various industries.

automatic pouch packaging machine HM25 Doypack

Our MH25 and MH250 pre-made pouch machines can handle different pouches and packs, with or without zips. They work with various bag sizes and can be used alongside automatic filling systems, multi-head weighers, powder fillers, depositors, and liquid fillers. Depending on the model, they may have one or two filling stations.

Doypack pouch packaging machine
Reel fed

The MH170 FE is a reel-fed pouch machine capable of producing pouches or Doypacks, with or without zips. It features three filling stations, enabling the use of mixed products or multiple fillings for maximum efficiency. It can also be seamlessly integrated with automatic filling systems like powder fillers, liquid fillers, depositors, and multi-head weighers.

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How do pouch packaging machines work?

There are various models of pouch filling and sealing machines available on the market, including both semi-automatic and fully automatic pouch packing machines.

Whilst automatic pouch filling machines are designed to handle high-volume production and can fill, seal and package pouches in a single process, semi-automatic pouch filling machines require some manual intervention. For instance, they may require manual loading of pouches, in addition to requiring someone to physically stop and start the filling process.

Regardless of the pouch machine type, the process usually starts with the machine placing empty pouches onto the filling station, where the product is dispensed into them. Next, a pouch heat sealing machine seals the pouches airtight. Some pouch sealing machines offer extra features, like automatic cleaning, adjustable filling volume, spillage prevention barriers, and pouch detection sensors, which boost efficiency and minimise waste. At Autopack, our pouch filling machines are known for their user-friendliness, efficiency, and reliability.

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Benefits of an automatic pouch filling and sealing machine

Pouch filling machines offer many benefits to manufacturers across various industries. They excel in handling high-volume production, boosting productivity and ensuring consistent product quantities and weights.

Additionally, these machines reduce labour costs and minimise material waste significantly. Pouch packaging machines operate at much higher speeds and consistency levels than manual labour, while also curbing unnecessary material wastage.

Most pouch filling machines are adaptable to various pouch shapes and sizes, allowing manufacturers to package a diverse range of products with a single machine. Autopack’s pouch packaging machines enhance product protection by creating airtight seals, safeguarding products from external elements like moisture and contaminants. This feature is particularly valuable for products requiring hygienic packaging.


One food pouch filling machines can handle various pouch sizes and types.


A pouch sealing machine improves hygiene by creating an airtight seal.


Automatic pouch machines boost production speed and reduce labour costs.
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View our wide range of innovative industrial packaging machines to speed up and automate your production line.


Pouch Filling Machine - FAQs

A highly versatile system, a pouch filling and sealing machine can fill various pouch sizes with liquids, powders, granules, and pastes before heat-sealing them for hygiene and portability. Pouch packaging equipment improves output and productivity while reducing labour costs.

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