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Sachet Packaging Machines

A sachet machine is designed for efficiently packaging small quantities of powdered, granulated, or liquid products into individual sachets or pouches. It operates by dispensing the product into pre-made sachets, sealing them securely, and then cutting them to size. Sachet filling and sealing machines are well-suited for industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics, where single-serving or small-dose packaging is common. Primary benefits include increased production speed, reduced labour costs, precise and consistent portion control, extended product shelf life, and enhanced product presentation, making sachet packaging machines an indispensable tool for businesses seeking convenient and hygienic packaging solutions.


Types of Sachet Packaging Machines

There are two primary types of sachet packaging machine designs: vertical sachet filling machines, typically multi-lane and capable of producing a higher number of sachets per minute, and horizontal sachet packing machines, which operate at slightly lower speeds but can handle larger sachet sizes and interchangeable fillers.

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The Turpack range of vertical sachet filling machines includes machines that will meet most requirements. These compact sachet machines are capable of producing four-sided sachets with widths ranging from 30 to 100 mm, achieving a production rate of up to 350 sachets per minute. They can be equipped with printers and a variety of filling systems, as well as post-machine collation and packing systems for added versatility.

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The Postpack range of horizontal sachet packing machines is suitable for many applications and budgets. Our sachet machines are capable of producing sachets with widths ranging from 30 to 170 mm, achieving speeds of up to 200 sachets per minute. They can fill and seal multiple sachet styles, including three- and four-sided sachets, various shapes, Euro-slot sachets, sachets with zippers, and more. Additionally, our Postpack sachet filling machines can seamlessly integrate with labelling devices and a variety of filling systems, as well as post-machine collation and packing systems for enhanced flexibility and functionality.

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What are automatic sachet packaging machines?

Automatic sachet machine equipment has been designed to produce small, single-use packets, known as sachets, for a variety of products, including food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other consumer goods.

Sachet filling and sealing machines create sachets using flexible packaging materials such as plastic films or laminates, which are typically sealed along three sides and contain a pre-measured amount of the product. Sachet machine equipment can produce sachets in various shapes and sizes, including flat, vertical-form fill sachets (VFFS) and pillow-shaped sachets.

Automatic filling and sachet sealing machines typically consist of a product feeder, a film unwinder, a forming and sealing station, a cutting station and a discharge conveyor. The product feeder dispenses the pre-measured amount of the product into each sachet, while the film unwinder feeds the packaging material into the sachet machine. The forming and sealing station forms the sachet and seals it along three sides, while the cutting station separates the sachets from the continuous strip of packaging material. The discharge conveyor then moves the finished sachets to a collection point for further processing and packaging.

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Benefits of sachet packaging machines

Sachet machines offer several key advantages. They are a proven method for efficiently producing single-use doses, generating large quantities of sachets quickly while requiring minimal space and manual oversight. Sachets are compact and lightweight, making them ideal for on-the-go convenience, whether in a bag, pocket, or backpack, making them perfect for travel and other portable needs.

Additionally, a food sachet packaging machine provides excellent protection against air, moisture, and contaminants, which extends product shelf life and preserves freshness and quality. Automatic sachet packing machines also ensure precise and consistent product dosing, minimizing waste.

Moreover, sachet machines offer unique branding and marketing opportunities, as sachets can be customised with printed information for consumers to engage with. They are a cost-effective choice for manufacturers compared to other packaging methods like bottles and jars.


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Sachet Packaging Machine - FAQs

Automatic sachet filling and sealing machines fall into two primary categories: vertical sachet filling machines and horizontal sachet packaging machines. Both types utilize a single roll of film, which is mounted on an unwinding station. This roll feeds a continuous sheet of packaging film through several tensioning rollers and a printer bracket, allowing for the application of single or multiple batch codes on the film.

The key distinction lies in their film-handling approach. Vertical sachet filling machines split the film into two parts, which are then rotated 90 degrees and brought together, forming sachets with four sides. These sachets are created by a series of equally spaced vertical sealing bars, with the number of bars determining the number of sachet lanes. The product is dosed into each lane before sealing and cutting. On the other hand, horizontal sachet machines fold the film in half to create the sachet’s base, which is subsequently heat-sealed. The front and back of the sachets are formed, and the product is dosed into them before sealing the top.

The vertical sachet machines often incorporate multi-lane filling systems above them, while the horizontal machines typically use a single or twin-head filling machine. Sachet packaging machines can be coupled with liquid or powder filling machines to accommodate a variety of products based on the desired packaging. You can customise our sachet packaging equipment to meet your specific needs by integrating it with other systems. This flexibility enables you to create bespoke liquid sachet packaging machines or powder sachet machines, among other possibilities.

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