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Weighing Machines

Weighing machines accurately weigh and dispense a pre-programmed quantity of product into packaging. With different hopper sizes, bucket sizes and weigh trays there is a version to suit all free-flowing products.


Types of Weighing Machines

Autopack supplies a range of net weighing machines to suit your production-line needs. We offer both linear and multi-head weigher machine systems with varying characteristics e.g. head count, accuracy, speed and budget. All of these machines are offered with semi-automatic systems or can be integrated into a fully automatic weighing machine packaging line.

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Linear weighers

Our linear net weighing machines use a straight-line feeding system whereby a hopper or bucket is filled with product, and once the programmed weight is reached, the product is deposited into the packaging below. We offer linear weighing machines with 1-4 weighing heads.

APAQ multi-head weighing machine
Multihead weighers

Our radial multi-head weighing machines have 10 or 14 weighing heads. Product is dispensed into a main hopper which then evenly distributes it into the individual buckets. Once the target weight is reached using a combination of buckets, they open and dispense the product into its packaging below. A multi-head weigher machine is the preferred option for larger and more expensive product types.

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What is a Weighing Machine?

A weigher machine is a type of packaging equipment used to accurately weigh and dispense a predetermined quantity of product into packaging e.g. bags, pouches, cartons and containers. Autopack supplies net weighing machines. These use hoppers or buckets with an adjoined load cell to collect the product and deposit it into the packaging when the goal weight is reached. Some sophisticated models have multiple weigh points that allow the slowing of product flow when the goal weight is close to being reached.

Weighing machines vary to suit product size, give away allowance, facility budget and production demand. From semi-automatic single headed weighing machines to 14-head radial weighers, there is a machine for production lines with free-flowing products. They can come as stand-alone machines or be integrated alongside other packaging machinery.

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The Benefits of Automatic Weighing Machines

Weighing machines offer a range of benefits in industrial and commercial settings.

Increased Productivity

Firstly, weighing machines increase productivity, as they can weigh and package products at a much faster rate than manual weighing – increasing production output, as well as preventing mistakes or repetitive strain injury for employees.

Repeatability and Accuracy

An automatic weighing machine gives businesses the confidence of assured repeatability and accuracy in measurement compared to a manual process, which guarantees consistency in product quality and quantity, whilst reducing the risk of error or product waste. Their use also guards against overproduction – another form of waste that reduces profit margins. This makes weighing machines highly beneficial for the food and drink industry.

Flexibility and Adaptable

Another benefit of weighing machines is that they are extremely flexible and adaptable, allowing for a wide range of products and packaging types to be used and created, from bottles, ampoules and pre-filled syringes in the pharmaceutical industry to rigid containers and stick packs for home care and personal care, all with minimal time required to change or clean parts. This enables manufacturers to create variety in production output, expanding business opportunities.


When packaging automation is being considered, an automatic weighing machine is the only solution to keep up with the speed of production. By automatically weighing products for packaging, a weigher machine can reduce labour costs, which increases profit margins for the company. Also, in some industries, such as food, beverage, cosmetics and chemical, where strict compliance with regulations is required, a weighing machine can guarantee conformity.


All our weighers are available in plain stainless steel, dimple and PTFE coated.


All the weighers are tool free with quick-release systems to allow for easy cleaning.


We hold the widest selection of weighers in stock in the UK.
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The choice between a linear weighing and a multi-head combination weigh machine is dependent on several factors, such as product characteristics, the accuracy required, weighs per minute required, clean-down and budget.  

  • Product type and characteristics – Linear weighing machines are ideal for smaller products of consistent shapes and sizes, while multi-head machines are better for products that vary in size, shape and density.  
  • Production speed – Multi-head industrial weighing machines can weigh and fill products at much higher speeds than their linear counterparts, making them ideal for high-volume production lines.  
  • Accuracy requirements – Multi-head weighing machines are highly accurate thanks to the combination of multiple load cells and the ability to adjust the combination of hoppers used to achieve the target weight.  
  • Product changeover – A linear weigh machine can require more time for product changeover, while multi-head options can store multiple products and switch between them quickly. Both types also have quick-release and no tool parts so the overall time for changeover is not that different. An additional set of change parts can increase changeover efficiency.  
  • Budget considerations – Linear weighing machines are typically less expensive, making them a more cost-effective option for smaller production lines.  

Autopack is pleased to offer advice for your decision-making process when choosing which type of weigher will best suit your production needs. Get in touch to consult with a member of our expert team today. 



FAQs On Our Machines

There are two main types of weighing machines: linear and multi-head. Both types of machines use net weighing systems and have characteristics that are preferable to certain product types. Get in touch with a member of our team to discover the type of weigh machine you require.

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