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Bag in Box Packaging Machines

At Autopack we offer a wide range of Bag in Box packaging and filling machines to cater for any BiB application. From manual cap removal to fully automated decapping, capping and bag feeding, we cater for all budgets and space constraints. Box erecting, box sealing and palletising can be integrated to make a fully automated Bag in Box line.


Types of Bag in Box Packaging Machines

Autopack is the UK supplier of Cartomol Bag in Box machinery. The filling range consists of manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic and ATEX solutions. Individual carton erectors and carton sealers can be purchased individually or combined with the relevant filling & capping machine to create a compact fully automatic Bag in Box machine line.

Bag in box filling equipment ecofill arm machine
Bag in Box Packing Machine For Manual Filling

Our range of manual Bag in Box filling equipment comprises of 3 models. Ecofill STD manual where the cap is removed and replaced by hand. The Ecofill ARM model has a manual lever for removing the cap prior to filling then replacing the cap after filling to speed up the operation. The Ecofill ATEX is a fully pneumatic machine to cater for dangerous substances in explosive atmospheres.

semi automatic bag in box filling machine ecofill drum aseptic
Semi-Automatic Bag In Box Filling Machine

Autopack offer 4 models of Semi-Automatic Bag in Box filling machine products. The Ecofill PROBOX requires the operator to load the empty bag then the machine automatically decaps, fills and caps before the operator removes the final pouch. The Ecofill HT1 model handles reel fed bags, the operator loads the first pouch from the reel then the machine decaps, fills, caps, winds the next pouch before cutting off the filled bag also available as an Aseptic model. The Ecofill HT2 model has 2 filling heads and can be supplied to handle manually loaded bags or bags fed from a web.

automatic bag in box filling machines ecofill master product image
Automatic Bag In Box Filling Machines

There are 3 models of fully automatic Bag in Box filling machines. The Ecofil Master handles continuously fed bags from a web, it automatically feeds, fills, cuts and depostis the bag at a rate of up to 800 bags per hour. The Ecofill Master Aseptic is the ultra clean version of the master using steam and chemicals to create an aseptic filling environment. Finally the Ecofill drum is the solution for filling larger volumes with a range of 3 – 20L or 200L – 1000 L filling.

automatic bag in box packaging machine product image Cartobol
BiB Line

Autopack offer a fully automated BiB line solution. Comprising of a carton erector with hot melt gluing for the base. Automated uncapping, filling, purging, capping and dispensing into an open carton. The filling machine is close couples to the carton sealer which then can be fed to the automatic palletiser to give a compact fully automated Bag in Box system.

Cartobol Ecopack masterform bag in box machine product image
BiB Carton Erector

The Ecopack Masterform takes empty cartons in a magazine and automatically erects them. The base flaps are closed using hot melt glue nozzes before being discharged on the conveyor to the filling machine.

Ecopack bag in box packaging machine
BiB Carton Closer

Autopack offer a wide range of carton sealers for bag in box applications. The Ecopack HOTMELT is a fully automatic machine that utilizes hot glue to seal the flaps where as the Ecopack Scotch CBL usilises self adhesive tape. The BCNPACK DX2 is the semi-automated self adhesive tape model and finally the BCNPACK DX3 is the fully automatic self adhesive tape model.

tanks and filters bag in box machine product image
Tanks and Filters

Designed for the wine industry, Autopack offer the Cartobol 3 or 4 stage filtration units to guarantee maximum quality and microbiological purity of your wines. The buffer tanks are made from polished stainless steel with adjustable flow rate and pressure to synchronize with the BiB filler and optimize filling accuracy.

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Benefits of our Bag in Box Filling Machines

Automating your filling process will enable manufacturers to increase production volumes and efficiency of production. The full range of Bag in Box machines offers high accuracy at customized outputs to meet any production requirement.

Catering for all standard bag sizes such as 1.5L, 3L, 5L, 10L, 15L and 20L. Our vast range of Bag in Box filling machines allow end users to specify to their requirements. Manual and semi-automatic machines cater for low – medium volumes with ATEX and aseptic models available. Fully automatic machines and lines cater for medium to high speed lines. The Autopack technical sales team can help specify the right machinery to suit any budget or space restraints. Turnkey lines can be designed, supplied, installed and commissioned using the experienced UK based project management team from Autopack.


ATEX models available


Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic options to cater for any budget.


After sales managed by the Autopack UK based service team.
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