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Linear Filling Technology

This packaging machinery is used to fill liquid products into containers such as bottles, cans and jars. The process is performed in a straight or linear line as the containers are moved along a conveyor belt and filled with the product as they pass the filling station. The control system of the machine regulates the filling process to ensure accurate filling levels and consistent product quality.

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Machine range

The Autopack range of linear filling machines can be split into two distinct categories:

  • Hygienic food fillers
  • Non-food applications

Ayrtac, our supplier of hygienic food fillers, provides the F-family of linear filling machines. The F- range of fillers starts as a two-head machine and goes up to a twelve-head version. The one-litre pistons can be adjusted manually or supplied with a servo to adjust the fill volume on the operator screen. The hygienic design includes a CIP (Cleaning in Place) connection, spray ball cleaning of the upper tank, hygienic hoses and valves together with a collection trough and port for the CIP return.

Products such as sauces, mayonnaise, nut butter, honey and many more can be clean-filled on this machine – either ambient, hot and with squeezable particulates.  The filling machines can be customised with optional extras such as tank heating, tank jacket, agitation and servo-piston adjustment.


Autopack’s A-range of linear filling machines is designed for non-food products such as household cleaning, cosmetics, chemicals and agricultural liquids. The A-range of filling machines can be supplied with gear pumps, servo-controlled piston pumps, pneumatic controlled piston pumps or peristaltic pumps depending on the fill volume and product type. Similarly, the cut-off nozzles cater for both thin products and viscous products with a high density. These fillers are manufactured with two, four, eight or twelve heads and can be supplied with piston pumps up to five litres in volume.

  • F-range fillers – designed for food products
  • A-range fillers – designed for non-food products

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