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What is a bag sealing machine?

A bag sealing machine is a type of equipment used to seal bags or pouches containing various types of products. It is commonly used in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries to ensure that products are properly contained and protected from outside elements.

A bag sealer can also be known as a pouch, sack or Doypack sealing machine. It relies on the melting of two polymer layers such as polyethylene and polypropylene to form a bond. These layers can be a single unsupported layer or monolayer, or they can be more than one layer called a laminate.  The Autopack bag sealers can handle any heat-sealable packaging material.

Bag sealers can be simple manual sealer machines where the operator presents the top of a bag, pouch, Doypack or sack to be sealed between two heated jaws. The operator will press a foot pedal and the pressure and heat seal the polymer layers together. This system is slow and labour intensive compared to a continuous band sealer which heat-seals the packs as they move through a heat sealer – usually supported on a conveyor. This allows the operator to continually feed the sealer and so increase the throughput or do another task – such as filling the bag, pouch, Doypack or sack.

Types of heat, bag and band sealing machines we provide:

Autopack provides two types of continuous heat sealers: vertical and horizontal. The standard vertical SV30 and the SV30USD machines will run all types of bags, pouches, Doypacks and sacks while the horizontal SA20 is ideal for bags and pouches.

The SV-30US is the most popular sealing machine in the Autopack range. The SV-30US will run the widest range of pack styles and materials, with an easy setup and a robust design. Advanced design features allow for retail high-quality leakproof seals to be produced time and time again on this machine.

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Robust designs make Autopack bag sealers workhorse machines even in harsh environments.


Flexibility of the machines allow them to operate to seal the widest range of pack styles on the market.


Advanced design features allow for quality finished seals with all materials.

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View our wide range of innovative industrial packaging machines to speed up and automate your production line.

The Autopack heat sealers use heated elements behind a continuously moving heated band to heat the bag, pouch or Doypacks. The heater elements are spring-loaded and easily adjusted to provide the ideal pressure for a wide range and thicknesses of packaging materials and the hot seal then runs over an adjustable cooling block, that smooths out any spots to give you a perfect retail finish at 10 -, 15 – or 20 – mm wide seal options.

Each band sealing machine comes in stainless steel as standard and with a fully synchronised conveyor that is controlled by the sealing head. One speed dial controls both the sealing head and conveyor at the same time so that the packs travel down the sealing conveyor in perfect balance to give uniform parallel seals. Changeovers between different materials of bags, pouches, Doypacks and sacks are easy, thanks to the external spring-loaded knobs that allow you to alter the sealing and cooling pressures and the latest digital technology in temperature control. Unlike other heat sealers, having a cooling block allows control of a very precise temperature and for the operator to rapidly raise or lower the seal temperature. Changing the sealing height of the machine is also simple and precise with the height adjustment done by a driven motor, controlled from the front panel.

Continuous bag sealing machines are used in many applications and are often referred to as workhorse machines as they are flexible and mobile around the factory sealing any heat-sealable pack that is put on them.


Automatic Bag Sealing Machine - FAQs

Bag sealers are heat sealing machines that work by creating a seal to prevent air and moisture from getting into the bag. There are different types of bag sealers, but most of them used heat to melt the plastic together to create a tight seal.

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