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Linear Weighing Machines

A linear weighing machine is used to accurately measure and dispense precise amounts of product into packaging containers whether they are bags, bottles or boxes. They typically consist of a series of weigh hoppers, or buckets, that are filled with the products to be dispensed. The hoppers have load cells which measure the weight of the product within the hopper and are connected to control systems which open and close discharge gates or chutes to release the product into packing containers.

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Range overview

Labelled a linear weighing machine because it uses a straight-line feeding system, the Autopack linear weighers all work on a net weighing principle.

They consist of a hopper with a single or multiple conveyors or vibratory trays that convey the product out of the bottom of the hopper into the weigh bucket. The Autopack linear weighing machines come in different sizes with weigh buckets from 0.5 to 15 litres and with one to four lanes. They can be used as semi-automatic weighing machines or integrated with automatic packaging machines.

  • Autoweigh BW Bulk – A 400-litre bulk hopper with a product control gate, made from stainless steel, parts easily removed for cleaning, precision load weighing and able to fill a variety of containers.
  • DGL-L – A large linear weighing machine with stainless steel parts, which are easily removed for cleaning, compact design and precision weighing to be virtually maintenance free.
  • DGL-M – A medium-sized solution, possessing stainless steel construction with easily removable parts, the latest controls for precision weighing and a compact design and reliable performance.

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View our wide range of innovative industrial packaging machines to speed up and automate your production line.

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