Granular Stick Pack Machine

This variation of the stick pack machine is designed to pack granules into thin, long, tubular packs. It is commonly used to pack single-serve portions of salt, pepper, sugar, sweetener, coffee, spices and other dry products.

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Maximum production with 5 lanes

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Maximum production with 10 lanes

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Granular Stick Pack Machine

Machine Specifications

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Main Features
Technical Specification
Packaging Types

Fully automatic


Adjustable stick pack sizes

Top, bottom and back seal

Available with 5 or 10 lanes

Addition of easy open tear notch

Weight Range:

1-10 gr

Bag Width:

17 mm

Bag Length:

Max 170 mm

Filling System:

Volumetric Dosing

Maximum Speeds:

250/500 packs/min

Width of Film Roll:

200 mm - 400 mm

Product Suitability:

Free Flowing Products such as Sugar, Salt, Granular Coffee, Black Pepper etc

Plastic laminates

paper laminates

coated paper

recyclable PE co-extrusions and laminates

Food & Drink



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