VFFS & Liquid Filling Machine



The AV-31 range of the VFFS & Liquid Filling Machine (vertical form fill and seal liquid filling machine) with intermittent motion, capable of packing pulses, frozen foods, hardware, powders and liquids in a range of forms.

The VFFS & Liquid Filling Machine machines fills and seals three sided bags with products at speed depending on product and desired filling range, and the weighing systems or filler used with the machine.

The machines can be equipped with several inter changeable formats, which allows different pack sizes and styles to be produced on the same machine in a range packaging material such as polypropylene (PP), polyethylene – polypropylene (PE+PP), metalized polypropylene and others.

VFFS & Liquid Filling Machine

Different types of coding and marking solutions are offered as options for applying date and batch information on the bag.


Vertical Form Fill & Seal Packaging Machine

VFFS & Liquid Filling Machine

Cost Effective

Liquid fillers coupled with the VFFS machine offers a cost effective way of dosing various viscosity liquids into sachets  / bags when integrated with the VFFS machine or as a dual role where the filler can also be used to fill pre made pouches and bags along with tubs and containers.

More information can be found in the liquid filling machines section of the website.

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