Rotrak Rotary Unscrambler


Machine Specification

Main features

  • Manufactured to unscramble empty plastic bottles – PET, HDPE and Polyethylene
  • Capable of small to large bottles
  • Execution in stainless steel or painted steel
  • Manual changeover with base selector-funnel for the largest format and supplements for other formats
  • Supplements are hanging and do not need tools for a change over
  • Automatic change over on some bottle formats
  • Fast change over (selector and funnel in 1 piece)


  • Available also for lines with puck

Sector suitability

  • Food
  • Drink
  • Personal Care
  • Domestic Products
  • Pharmaceutical

Technical specification

  • Speed – Up to 18000 Bottles per hour

Suitable Packaging Types

  • Empty plastic bottles from 1000 to 3000 mm diameter – square, oval, cylindrical and rectangle

Models available and dimensions

Rotrak 800 Mini2150mm1000mm2060mm
Rotrak 11002840mm1340mm2060mm
Rotrak 13002840mm1560mm2060mm
Rotrak 15002840mm1700mm2060mm
Rotrak 18003450mm2000mm2060mm
Rotrak 20003450mm2200mm2060mm
Rotrak 23003700mm2500mm2060mm
Rotrak 26003850mm2800mm2060mm
Rotrak 30004415mm3200mm2060mm


Technical Data Sheet

Traktech, through the ROTRACK rotary unscrambler, offers unique solutions to different industrial sectors compared to other existing systems.

The ROTRACK rotary bottle unscrambler consists of 2 fundamental parts

Upper distribution disc: pre-position the bottles for a correct position in the funnel.

Funnels: designed specifically for each form of container.

Tracktech distributes the containers WITHOUT compressed air, using air turbines. This allows us to reduce energy costs and offer high efficiency equipment.

Our funnel design reduces format change times. Starting from the largest funnel that remains fixed in the machine, for the smaller formats, a smaller funnel is installed inside the largest without the need for tools. This solution represents:

  • Time saving in format change
  • Savings in storage space (funnel manufactured in a single body)
  • More compact equipment

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