Rotary Unscrambler Rotrak AAF With Automatic Adjustable Funnel


Machine Specification

Main features

  • Enabled pre-programming for up to 20 different plastic bottle formats and making changes in less than 30 seconds.
  • Manufactured to unscramble empty plastic bottles – PET, HDPE and Polyethylene
  • Multi format setting available
  • Compact design, Versatile and energy efficient
  • Machine is fitted with a detection system, done by means of a vision camara, the geometric shape of the container does not matter.
  • Suitable for containers with a diameter of 30-90mm and hight from 120mm to 310mm.
  • Funnel serves all sizes of unscramblers, reducing manufacturing cost and passing this on to our customers.
  • No compressed air consumption – Offering energy savings


  • Available also for lines with puck

Sector suitability

  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Pharmaceutical

Technical specification

  • General measurements – See Models available and dimensions (L x W x H)
  • Speed – Up to 11000 Bottles per hour

Suitable Packaging Types

  • Suitable for containers with a diameter of 30-90mm and hight from 120mm to 310mm.

Models available and dimensions

ModelLengthWidthHightProduction speed
Rotrak AAF 1100/82840mm1340mm2060mm3200- 4400 BPH
Rotrak AAF 1300/103090mm1590mm2060mm4000 – 5500 BPH
Rotrak AAF 1500/123290mm1790mm2060mm4800 – 6600 BPH
Rotrak AAF


3540mm2040mm2060mm5600 – 7700 BPH
Rotrak AAF 2000/163790mm2290mm2060mm6400 – 8800 BPH
Rotrak AAF 2300/184040mm2540mm2060mm7200 – 9900 BPH
Rotrak AAF 2600/204340mm2840mm2060mm8000 – 11000 BPH



Technical Data Sheet

The new patented system ROTRAK AAF (Automatic Adjustable Funnel) is a universal funnel designed for a wide range of bottles and valid for any sector of the industry.


The same funnel serves for all sizes of unscramblers. This has allowed us to optimise the design of the ROTRAK unscrambler and reduce manufacturing costs. It is an interchangeable funnel for any model of ROTRAK AAF unscrambler.

Container dimensions

It allows us to position containers from a diameter of 30 – 90 and from a height of 120mm to 310mm. For other dimensions, please consult us for further information.

Shape of the container

Because the detection system of the bottle is dome by means of a vision camera, the geometric shape of the container does not matter.


It does not require compressed air, which represents energy savings.

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