Stick Pack Machine for Powdery Products



This fully automatic filling machine is designed to pack untouched, affixed-on-three-sides packets like coffee, coffee cream, energy drinks, medical powder and other powdery products that have no spontaneous fluency through screws by disposable products. Non free flowing powder products can be packaged with this machine using screws synchronized with PLC in a high level of sensitivity. The machine can produce 90 pcs/min using 3 channels and 180 pcs/min using 6 channels.

Turpack can provide you with a complete powder packaging system for all of your powders and granulares, whether dusty, free flowing, or non-free flowing. Our stick pack and sachet machines can package ground coffee blends, flour mixes, spices, drink mixes, sugar and artificial sweeteners, tea, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and more!

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Industries Served

Many of our customers work in the food, cosmetic & pharma markets. However, we provide packaging machines to almost any industry.


Examples of Products


Sectors this solution can cater for:


Stick Pack Machine For Powdery Paste Products


Weight Range: 1-20 gr (Adjustable)

Bag Width: 20-50 mm (Adjustable)

Bag Length: Max 170 mm ( Adjustable )

Filling System: Auger Dosing 3 Lanes 6 Lanes

Speed*: 90 stickpack / 180 stickpack

Application: Suitable for packing non free flowing products, such as coffee cream, flour, powdery chemicals etc.

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