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Rotary Capping Machines

Similar to a rotary filling machine, the containers are capped as they rotate in a turret through the capping station. The machine consists of a conveyor system that transports containers through the machine, a cap sorting and feeding system and a cap tightening mechanism which applies a specific torque to the cap to ensure that it is tightly sealed onto the container. The machine can handle a wide range of sizes and shapes of containers, as well as multiple caps and seals.

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Range overview

The Tedelta rotary capping machine is designed for medium to high-speed lines. Each machine is designed with the correct number of heads and pitch between heads to suit the container size and output requirements.

These capping machines can handle plastic screw caps, T-cork closures, (Roll on Pilfer Proof) ROPP caps, (Glass Packaging Institute) GPI caps, push-on caps, trigger caps, pump caps or a combination of them all. The caps are loaded into a hopper located on the working level of the line. These caps are then elevated using either a waterfall system or a flighted belt elevator. Once above the machine, the caps drop into a centrifugal sorter that orientates the caps and dispenses them into a cap chute down to the capping heads.

The transfer to the container can be done with a direct pick method where the container picks the cap directly out of the cap chute. Alternatively, they can be presented to the capping head using a pick-and-place star wheel system. The containers are presented to the machine automatically using a conveyor system. Once at the capper in-feed the containers are pitched using a scroll or double scroll into the main turret star wheel that rotates in synchronisation with the capping heads.

  • Magnetic – Bi-polar magnetic clutch to disengage at the correct application torque.
  • Hysteresis – Hysteresis magnetic clutch to disengage at the correct application torque.
  • ROPP – Where the thread is formed by the capping head on aluminium closures.
  • Push on – Where no rotation is required, and the closures are pushed onto the container.
  • T-cork – Where the closure is pushed into the neck finish of the container.
  • Vacuum – When the caps are fragile or are non-uniform and require delicate handling.
  • Pumps and Triggers – Either screw or push on closures with difficult access to the application part of the cap.

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Yes, Tedelta offers a quick-change system to swap the capping heads or a duplex system where multiple turrets can be installed onto the same machine.

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