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In-Line Cap Tightener

An in-line cap tightener is a type of packaging machinery used to tighten caps or other closures onto containers in a production line. The machine is designed to handle a range of cap sizes and types and can apply a specific torque to ensure that the caps are tightly and uniformly sealed onto the containers. The machine usually consists of a feeding system for the caps or lids and a conveyor belt that moves containers under the capping station where they are sealed.

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Machine range

The Autopack in-line cap tightener is perfect for contract manufacturers or manufacturers with a wide range of container types and frequent changeovers. This versatile machine can be changed over quickly by simply adjusting the belt guides handling the container and the nip rollers applying the torque. The speed of the conveyor, nip rollers and transfer belts can be set and adjusted using the digital display on the operator panel. Our range of in-line cap tighteners is held in stock at our facility in Hereford for quick delivery and demonstrations using customers’ actual containers and closures.

The caps are placed onto the container manually by an operator. This is usually done in line on the in-feed to the cap tightener. The machine can be set up with one or two side wall belts, depending on container height, that hold and transfer the container through the capping machine. There are three pairs of nip rollers that apply the initial, main and final part of the application torque required. These rollers can be adjusted to suit the closure type and the required torque. Once capped the containers carry on down the production line automatically.

  • Pump caps
  • Trigger caps
  • Flip top screw caps
  • Tamper evident caps
  • Child Resistant Closures (CRCs)
  • Flat caps
  • Sport caps

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View our wide range of innovative industrial packaging machines to speed up and automate your production line.

Yes, any type of plastic screw cap can be handled.

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