With the R12 rinser and its ionized air cleaning technology, wine production companies can clean and dry their glass bottles, preventing any type of contaminants or residues from being left in the wine bottles.

The cleaning of glass bottles using ionized air makes obsolete the “lost water” rinsing systems, traditional in wine bottling plants, in which large quantities of water and air are used to wash and dry the wine bottles.

Also, the R12 model allows the cleaning of 12 bottles at the same time, being ideal for packaging lines in companies with productions between 3,000 and 4,000 bottles per hour (BPH), characteristic in wine bottling companies.


Three advantages of the R12 Rotary Rinser designed by Traktech:

  • Change format in less than 5 minutes without tools.
  • Compact solution related to space it occupies.
  • It is an efficient investment that allows cost savings in production.

In summary, the R12 rinser model with ionized air is a cost-effective, compact, efficient and sustainable equipment.


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