We should mention that rotary unscramblers, more popular among European countries than linear unscramblers which are more accepted in Anglo-Saxon markets, can be classified among the ones that use random positioning systems for bottles or the ones that use prepositioning systems for bottles. At Traktech, we are specialists in rotary unscramblers for bottles with random allocation systems which, at the same time, can work with or without pucks.

When choosing an unscrambler for a production line, it is important to know the four phases/steps that intervene in the positioning of a PET bottle, to choose the best positioning option.

Our ROTRAK unscramblers can manipulate a wide range of plastic containers with cylindric, oval and rectangular shapes. Based on geometry, we design machines from medium to high production processes, up to 20.000BPH, always considering the filler line capacity.

Functioning phases of the rotary unscrambler for PET bottles

1.Loading bottles into the unscrambler

Bottles enter the machine through a bulk elevator. It is important to determine the hopper volume for the machine autonomy.

2.Tangency bottles prepositioning into the superior disc

Bad prepositioned bottles are rejected to the disc again through the turbine air from the machine itself.

In most of the cases, we do not use compressed air, with the subsequent energy savings

3.Positioning of the bottle into the selector
Bottle allocation in the selector according to their geometric shape which forces the bottle to fall standing up through a particularly designed funnel.

4.Package format change

The format change can be done in two ways: manually or automatically.

The manual format change is based on adding new funnels to the base funnel. This operation does not require any tools.
The automatic format change, in the rotary unscrambler AAF model, the different formats are predetermined in the machine.

The automatic format change unscrambler has solved production stop overs due to format change. Moreover, it has reduced the space needed because it does not require funnels storage for the manufacturers that use multiple containers.

Container exit towards the filler
With this rotary unscrambler the containers can exit towards the filler with or without pucks.

The bottles exit for an unscrambler without pucks is done through a vacuum chain conveyor to assure the bottle stability.

For the exit with pucks for small and/or unstable plastic bottles, we work with the “loose pucks” model which does not require robotic system (label pucks) to insert the bottle into the puck.

When the positioning system at the unscrambler is random, the efficiency of the pucks filling is approximately about 75%-80%. Consequently, a return system is designed for the empty pucks, recirculating through an intermediate U-shaped conveyor and a floodgate with brakes system.

For the asymmetric bottles, a lineal orientator is installed, our model OL-180, with vision camera that detects the bottles in a wrong position and through a blade or strap system corrects their position.

At Autopack, we supply a wide range of unscrambling machines to suit all budgets.