The MC-20 automatic capping machine seals vials, bottles and jars, made of glass or PET, with twist off lids and is designed for customers with small and medium-sized production.

The machine offers a discontinuous production system, with “bottle by bottle” sealing.

The MC-20 delivers multiformat functioning without using tools for lids of up to Ø 82 mm and can cap with or without the requirement of steam and for most applications no tooling changing is required.

Can cap with or without vacuum without the requirement of steam.

Change over is quick and easy with the use of the recipe system in the PLC accessed through the touch screen.

Designed and manufactured in accordance with food safety standards.

Ergonomic design, created for everyday use, offering easy access to all parts of the machine for adjustment and cleaning.

To see it in action visit our Jar capping machine section.