There are currently four different types of systems available for lubricating conveyors:

  1. Wet lubrication based on chemicals & water.
  2. Semi-dry lubrication like wet, but more concentrated.
  3. Dry lubrication, oil-based lubricants, silicones, or Teflon in a maximum concentration of 1%.
  4. CHP dry micro-lubrication. The lubricant has a fully stable Teflon concentration of up to 6% (components are not separated) and the overall system (lubricant, control, and injection system) guarantees very low lubricant consumption.

What is the role of lubrication in conveyors?

Lubrication for conveyors is an essential component so that the circulation of the containers in a production line of a company is fluid and continuous, which also guarantees the correct operation of production and ensures maximum productivity of the production line.

This innovative dry lubrication system has various applications in the food industry, in production lines for bottling (glass and plastic), canning, and carton packaging, mainly in the beverage, dairy and beer industries.

Suitable for PET, glass, cardboard, and can containers, in addition, for chain conveyors and air conveyors.

It is a lubrication system that replaces traditional wet systems, where instead of using water and detergents, a Teflon-based solution is used, designed as a food lubricant.

The system is made up of lubricant, control systems, and injectors. Using the principle of direct contact, avoiding the use of brushes or spray. A closed-circuit is carried out for the entire line from the plant, with regular and controlled pre-set dosing, which guarantees minimum consumption of lubricant.

We lubricate between the chain and the product to be transported, and between the guides and the conveyor chains. Obtaining a very low and constant friction index, without alterations in the line, facilitating the process throughout the journey.

Application of CHP micro-lubrication

Traktech apply CHP micro-lubrication in:

Conveyors and accumulation tables for packaging lines

The system lubricates the contact between the guides and the conveyor chains, and between the chain and the product to be transported. No brushes or spray are used, instead, they use the direct contact principle.

Air conveyors

These lubricate the surface between the bottle ring and the neck guide. A worldwide patent protects this system that only CHP can install.

By lubricating the air conveyors it eliminates virtually all line stops caused by this type of conveyor and reduce the consumption of fans.

For punctual lubrication

This type of lubricants is also used for spot lubrication at different lubrication points in production processes. Machine parts such as drive chains, side-grips, inlet worm screws, etc. can be lubricated.

How does conveyor lubrication work?

The installation of the lubrication system for conveyors comprises a closed circuit from the central unit, where the injectors for each conveyor are inserted throughout the entire production line.

The lubrication system doses one or more drops to each conveyor in a preselected time interval so that its managed to provide and maintain a regular microscopic layer throughout the contact length between product/chain and guides/chain.

This DLT-333® lubricant has been specially designed as a lubricant for food use, based on the stable dispersion of fine PTFE particles in pharmaceutical grade white oil.

Throughout the process, the particle size of the lubricant and the dispersion method are optimized, in order to ensure a high level of lubrication and chemical stability, avoiding the precipitation of PTFE.

The great adhesive and hydrophobic character of the dry lubricant makes it a very suitable product for wet environments. In addition, all of its components are internationally certified by the FDA / NSF-H1.

In summary:

Dry lubrication for bottling plants (chain and air conveyor).
Ideal for PET, Glass, Tin or Cardboard containers
CHP dry micro-lubrication: the lubricant has a Teflon concentration of up to 6% totally stable (components are not separated) and the global system (lubricant, control system, and injection) guarantees a very low lubricant consumption.
Food grade Teflon DLT333® lubricant H11.
Units for local lubrication, between 1 line and 8 lines.
minimum lubricant expense guaranteed.
Traktech are the official distributors of the CHP brand dry lubricant for conveyors, for Spain and Portugal. Since 2011 when the collaboration with CHP began, we have already more than 100 lines installed in companies such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Schweppes, Heinz, Nestlé, Danone.