Autopack are the sole UK distributors for Traktech and have been supplying Traktech equipment into several sectors for approximately four years and continue to sell their range to our UK based customers, supporting the UK and Ireland.

Handling empty containers at the beginning of production is one of the most critical elements in a company. With regard to empty bottle depalletisers, most companies need machines that maximise the production space, facilitate correct management of the empty containers, and make the most of the time taken to load, unload and handle the containers. Taking these factors into account, Traktech offers a range of depalletising systems ranging from semi-automatic models to high-speed models operated and controlled simply by a push button.

This equipment is designed to speed up the production and packaging process, which can also be integrated into the beginning of an existing production line, with the aim of saving space and increasing flexibility and efficiency. The main application of a Depalletiser is to extract the empty glass, plastic, or metal containers from the pallet, to place them on a conveyor on the packaging line. Our depalletisers are designed to use pallets measuring 1000 x 1200 mm, with a maximum pallet height of 2500 mm (pallet included).

There is no limit for different sizes of bottles or different numbers of layers, neither do they require the intervention of a worker to change the format, as each format has its parameters entered on the screen, making the machines user friendly.