Autopack are pleased to announce that in 2022, we have added a new business partnership and have teamed up with DNC packaging machinery based in Barcelona, supplying  solutions and supporting our UK based customers with end of line solutions.

DNC are manufactures, offering a wide range of solutions and completing the Autopack portfolio, which includes case packing, erecting, and sealing, stretch wrapping and palletising solutions.

DNC are a well-established business and brand that is recognised throughout the industry and have been manufacturing and producing quality machinery since 1995, offering a combined 25 years’ experience allowing us to offer our customers a suitable solution for each production need, using standard equipment or customised application based on your requirements.

Autopack works closely our manufactures, offering customers the latest innovation and sustainable solutions to automate processes, increase productivity and sales.

Autopack are able to provide customers with packing solutions from beginning to end of production. Ensuring our customers are well equipped with the latest technology and solutions.