Blue Frog Contract Packing, the Swindon based shrink sleeve, labelling & filling specialists are continuing their expansion programme with major investments in machinery. This is not only to satisfy the huge demand for hand sanitiser but also to extend their filling capabilities to new and existing customers.

This latest investment of equipment from Hereford based Autopack had to deliver on a range of requirements, a cost effective solution that could maintain Bluefrog’s flexibility and response time to customers changing requirements.
Deliver the outputs with minimal labour that would make them competitive with larger traditional manufacturers/ fillers.
Autopack provided a one stop solution from supplying all the equipment, project management, installation and carrying out all future service work.

A bespoke pumping and storage system was installed to allow drawing from bulk supply and smaller IBC batches to give the important flexibility. To achieve the commercial benefit of speed and could fill from 50ml to 1000ml at up to 75 bottles per minute a 8 head filler was installed. It has quick release change parts and PLC stored programs that make change overs quick and easy.

The Tedlta 3 head rotary capper matches the filling output at 75 bottles capped per minute and with the magnetic clutch heads they guarantee a calibrated torque every time , no tools are required to change the torque and pressure adjustments on the calibrated heads just lift and turn the dial to the required setting. Easy change toolless changeover is the constant theme throughout the machine designed to provide seamless easy running for decades.

The capper feeds on to a front, back and wrap labeller and rotary packing table also supplied by Autopack to complete the line. The labour has been dramatically reduced down to just an operative placing bottles on the line and packing into boxes and this is to be reduced even further as Bluefrog has ordered a bottle unscrambler to place these bottles on the line. The Rotrak AAF has no change parts and changes between bottles automatically by a push of a button thus reducing downtime, increasing flexibility and no tooling costs meaning it customers can use the system on short runs.

Several customers have now seen the new lines and complemented both the equipment and Bluefrog’s dynamic and flexible setup.