In this issue of Industrial Process News, we have selected Autopack as our Packaging Machinery Company of the Month.

Autopack provides UK based sales and services for a wide range of semi and fully automatic packaging machines, supplying to the food, beverage, pet, chemical, personal  care, home care and automotive industries.

Established by Wayne Kedward in 2012, Autopack has established a leading reputation, and has just celebrated 10 years of successful business. Based on Rotherwas Industrial Estate in beautiful Hereford, the company has already received impressive growth, starting off with one unit, the company expanded in 2022 by acquiring two more units, providing Autopack with a Show Room Facility and a New Line Build Area. Facilitating its new growth, the two new units have allowed Autopack to continue to grow
and provide much needed facilities to build the lines, provide customer demonstrations and training.

In terms of its product range, Autopack supplies two categories of packaging machines, either for flexible packaging materials or rigid containers. “The flexible machines include VFFS, HFFS, sachet, pouch machines either pre-made or from film on
the reel which can be tailored with zippers, spouts, and custom shapes,” stated Jamie Eckert, Sales; Marketing Executive.

Regarding the company’s supply of containers, Autopack provides de-palletising, un-scrambling and rinsing systems for bottles, jars, tins, and containers along with the associated conveyors.

Jamie added, “We also provide a wide range of filling machines, linear fillers up to 12 head and a range of rotary fillers. We cover every capping requirement, such as screw on, pilfer proof and vacuum twist caps on semi-automatic to fully high-speed automatic
machines. Autopack also supply packing tables, multi-head weighing and much more.”

Committed to providing a high quality service, Autopack maintains high quality machinery, at quality prices, and boasts many machines readily stocked, resulting in enviable lead times. This enables its customers with fast access to machinery and allows for continued production and minimal downtime.

Using Autopack’s machines increases productivity, and the UK is not as productive compared to a lot of European counterparts. If UK companies are to compete in the world market, increasing productivity is vital. One of the ways this can be achieved is
through automation.

“With cheap finance readily available anyone can afford to automate their process. You only have to remove a few people for a production line to give quick return on investment, it’s a no brainer for most companies,” said Jamie.

One of the most important aspects of Autopack its dedication to working in conjunction with its distributors, to continuously develop the business and evolve its range supply, ensuring that its customers’ needs are always at the heart of its operations.

In terms of recent developments for the company, Jamie told us that, “In the last couple of years, Autopack have grown its staff base and created a well bonded team. We have also gained a new 3000 SqFt show room to assist our future customers in evaluating the machinery before they purchase.”

Autopack continued to work throughout the pandemic, supporting its UK based customers with its self-sustainable engineering team. Jamie added, “Whereas a lot of our direct competitors were unable to do so due to restrictions on travel, this provided Autopack with the edge on service, and taking responsibility for our machinery sold. “We also have not seen any decrease in sales, in fact, a large increase due to customers looking to automate and reduce the amount of labour they are reliant on. In the medium-term, orders have increased as CEO’s carry out risk analysis on COVID-19 and future pandemics to their business. Machines are COVID-19 proof and don’t need to be furloughed and stand 2m apart.”

As the company looks ahead, Autopack maintains a 5-year investment plan, to support its organic growth and growth by acquisitions. Jamie expanded, “We are planning to strengthen our machine offering both in the flexible and rigid side of the business and increase our focus on customer training in the new showroom.”

Autopack – Packaging Machinery Company of the Month