As we advance in technologies and new ways of consuming, the food and beverage industries are following suit by creating new ways for us to consume our favourites. When it comes to consuming wine and other beverages, the bag in box has begun to take the world by storm. The concept allows vacuum packaging of the wine into a bag that is placed into a box. At Autopack, we are the UK’s leading supplier of filling and packaging machinery, supplying all customers who are looking to purchase a bag in box packaging machine for their organisation.


Understanding Bag in Box Packaging


Essentially containing a bag, a box and a liquid of your choice, the bag in box works by putting wine or other types of beverages into a vacuum-sealed bag to protect the product from contamination and make it long-lasting, as well as completely airtight. The bag is then inserted into a box which protects the wine from light and oxygen that could potentially change the quality of the wine or product. Autopack has a selection of wine bag in box machines that cater for bag sizes between 1.5L to 20L, making us the perfect company for your bag in box machine needs.


Bag In Box Advantages



There are many benefits of bag in box wine packaging, one of the most prominent being the shelf life extension in comparison to bottled wine. The perfect choice for consumers who want an occasional glass without worrying it’ll spoil. A more sustainable solution, reducing waste as well as being lower in cost per litre compared to glass bottles. The bag in box packaging is a win-win all around for those looking for a cheaper, more sustainable alternative.


Extended Shelf Life


The extended shelf life of bag in box wine is one of the biggest benefits of moving to this type of packaging. On average, once a bottle of wine has been opened, it’ll usually last for a few days before spoiling. Whereas bag in box wine has a longer open life of around six weeks, thanks to the vacuum-sealed bag stopping air from reaching the wine quickly. Bag in box wine, if left unopened, will last for several months without losing its taste or colour because of the way the innovative packaging preserves it.


A Sustainable Choice For The Environment


With the growing climate crisis, consumers are looking for new and more sustainable ways for their consumption, not excluding the food and drink industry. The cost of producing bag in box wine is significantly lower than the production of bottles. Although glass bottles can be recycled, they are very energy-intensive to produce, unlike wine bag in box packaging which is less energy-intensive and cheaper to produce.

The transportation of bag in box wine is also cheaper than the transportation of bottles due to the cost per litre, making it lower in carbon emissions. Thanks to the long shelf life, bag in box wine can be stored for weeks once open, in comparison to the lifespan of a few days of bottled wine.


Quality Maintenance and Preservation


The bonus of bag in box wine packaging helps with its longevity due to the protection against light and oxygen. There is the false belief that bag in box wine is poor quality, which is definitely not the case. Although bag in box wine may be cheaper, the quality of the wine is preserved due to the way in which it is packaged. More companies are looking for bag in box packaging machines because of their sustainability and lower production price, this has led to more premium wines being readily available in bag in box containers.


Convenience and Portability


The natural lightweight nature of bag in box wine is what is leading this type of packaging to be a firm favourite in the beverage industry. An extremely portable way of transporting wine and cheaper to transport per litre, bag in box wine is an ideal choice for those who don’t want the risk of bottle breaking. The low carbon footprint of bag in box wine makes it a brilliant choice for anyone looking to consume their wine whilst helping the planet. Autopack has a brilliant selection of bag in box packaging machines that can provide your customers with the convenience they need.

Versatile and Practical


Who doesn’t want a convenient beverage, especially if it’s wine? The use of bag in box wine packaging allows for practicality and versatility. Usually, the boxes are equipped with user-friendly dispensing options, such as taps or spouts, that make the consuming and pouring process easy and convenient and stop any potential air from getting into the container and spoiling the wine. The added bonus of this type of packaging is that wine producers aren’t restricted to the size in which they can deliver their wine. At Autopack, we can provide your organisation with a bag in box packaging machine that can create packaging for as small as 1.5L, right up to a brilliant 20L container, meaning plenty of wine for the connoisseurs out there!


Cost Effectiveness


The entire process of bag in box wine packaging is cost-effective for both the manufacturer and the consumer. From production with the use of bag in box packaging machines being more cost-effective in comparison to that of bottle making, to the benefits of transporting thanks to the BiB packaging being lighter in weight, making the wine cheaper to transport per litre. Essentially, there are many cost-effective benefits to bag in box wine, and who doesn’t want their favourite wine for half the cost?


Types Of Wine And Beverages That Can Be Packaged Via The Bag In Box Method?


With the popularity growing in bag in box wine, the variations of wine you can consume in this practical manner are broadening. However, it isn’t just wine that can be stored in BiB packaging. Beverages such as soft drinks, ciders, ales and fruit juices, as well as many other drinks are also available to be packaged via the bag in box machinery. However, it is proving difficult to change the public’s consumer habits and also the producer’s concerns towards the presentation of these products.

The current existing varieties of wine available to purchase in bag in box packaging on the market are:

  • Red, white and rosé wine
  • Sangria
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • White Grenache


Consumer Trends and Acceptance


Although bag in box wine is still not widely accepted by consumers, there has been a growing change in the acceptance of consuming wine in this manner in recent years. With the growing concern for the climate, consumers are desperately searching for ways to consume items more sustainably and this has led to an increase in previously rejected packaging growing in popularity. Not only is it being recognised by the public, but manufacturers and beverage producers are also looking for new ways to produce their products in a more sustainable and cost-effective manner, making bag in box wine packaging appear more regularly on supermarket shelves.


What Does The Future Hold For Bag In Box Wine


As consumers and manufacturers search for a more sustainable way to produce and consume, the bag in box packaging machine industry is continuing to grow. This innovative technology is helping organisations produce some of the finest food and beverage products whilst keeping production, transportation and pricing costs down. If you’re looking to revolutionise your organisation and the way you package your wine or other beverages, then Autopack is the place to go for the perfect bag in box packaging machines. Contact us today to enquire, call us on 01432 677000 or email us at, we’re here to help!