Self Adhesive Linear Labeller


Self Adhesive Linear Labeller

Product image, followed by its labelling, are what are most important for consumers in the current market. Armed with this knowledge, the design team at GMG ETIQUETADORAS has developed the CADI self-adhesive linear labeller intended for companies with small and medium volume production to label their packaging at a very competitive price.

When the containers enter the CADI linear labeller, they are spaced and positioned according to the pre-recorded parameters, through a set of lateral belts with synchronised speeds. The width of the set of positioning lateral belts is easily adjustable for the different formats using a double spindle that acts on both belts, while the speed is adjusted using the digital control panel.

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Production – CADI Linear Self-Adhesive

Up to 9.000 containers / hour.



Of the Linear Labeller


The CADI self-adhesive linear labeller can have 1 or 2 built-in labelling heads, according to the needs of each container, allowing for production of up to 9,000 containers per hour, depending on the head installed in the machine.

3 Head options

The GM labelling heads have been designed by GMG ETIQUETADORAS’s technical team, thus ensuring seamless integration with the rest of the components of the CADI labeller GMG ETIQUETADORAS has three different types of different heads to provide our customers with a proper balance between the price of the equipment and productive capacity

Emphasis on Efficiency

The Self-Adhesive Linear Labeller has a quick changeable format system that does not require any tools.


Sectors this solution can cater for:



has developed an AUTOMATIC version

Of the SELF-ADHESIVE LABELLER CADI for companies with medium or small volume production, but with many different container formats, who need to make several changes of formats on a daily basis, where all adjustments are made automatically and pre-recorded in the machine’s management system.

Advantages of

The Self-Adhesive Linear Labeller

This solution reduces the times spent changing formats from 10 minutes to less than 1 minute, and ensures the labeller’s perfect alignment with the parameters of each container, reducing the possibility of incidents and maximising the machine’s productive capacity.

TEIDE Self-Adhesive Labelling

Technical Features

  • Linear labeller for all formats, materials & containers
  • Label head for self-adhesive labels designed b GMG ETIQUETADORAS
  • Up to 3 label heads
  • Label head speed up to 50m/min
  • Quick changeable format system WITHOUT TOOLS
  • All format changes and adjustments are controlled by position indicator
  • Containers supported by an upper conveyor to ensure stability
  • Container positioning by side bands
  • Machine control by touch screen & PLC
  • Top brand electrical components

Self-Adhesive Linear Labeller


  • 3 different head labels according to speed labelling requirements.
  • Quality control camera to reject defective containers.
  • Thermal transfer coder.
  • Laser coder.
  • Automatic version, allows container parameters to be preloaded into the PLC for quick & automatic changeovers.

Container Material

Label Material

Container Shape

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