Self Adhesive Grouper


Self-Adhesive Grouper

Distributors or producers often plan promotional campaigns in B2C channels where customers receive 2 or 3 units for the price of one or two units. Automatically preparing these groupings was very complicated until the GM-81 self adhesive grouper came out in terms of tablet-form products.

The GMG engineers have developed a simple and effective machine to automate these grouping processes. The GM-81 self-adhesive grouper was designed using its in-depth knowledge of labelling and the production processes of its customers.

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The GM-81 grouper allows for the automated process of grouping products in tablet form to carry out commercial promotion.


The tablet dispensing system allows between 2 and 6 units to be grouped and with production of up to 6,000 groupings per hour.


The design of the GM-81 grouper allows the number of tablets grouped to be modified in an agile manner without any tools.


Self-Adhesive Grouper

Further Information

The GM-81 self-adhesive grouper is composed of an accumulation column, which deposits groupings in the conveyor belt transporting the product toward the two self-adhesive heads that hold the groups together with the self-adhesive labels.

The accumulation column can be powered manually, or automatically, using a conveyor belt.

The equipment is manufactured in 304 stainless steel and includes perimeter protection, manufactured in aluminium and PVC, complying with EC regulations and preventing any possibility of accidents.

The GM-81 self-adhesive grouper is the ideal complement to your tablet production line in order to meet the needs arising from your marketing campaigns.

Production – GM-81 Grouping Labeller

To 6000 pack / hour.


Sectors this solution can cater for:


Self-Adhesive Grouper

Technical Features

  • 2 to 6 units grouping bars
  • Quick adjustment change without tools
  • Sided label (both sides) for the bar pack
  • Manual charger
  • Micro-regulation columns for self-adhesive heads
  • Protection cabin according to CE regulations
  • Top brands of self-adhesive heads & electric material

Container Material

Label Material

Container Shape

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