Rotary Labeller For Self-Adhesive Labels

Autopack Rotary Labeller For

Self-Adhesive Labels

The GMG design team has designed versatile, flexible and easy-to-use machines, based on the premise that our labellers must help our customers reach their objectives.

In the carousel, each package is held by the base, with a container rest plate managed by a servo motor, and an upper container support head, which ensures the stability and verticality, ensuring 100% correct application of the labels on the packaging..

The TEIDE rotary labeller is manufactured with 304 stainless steel and with aluminium perimeter protection and PVC panels according to EC regulations.

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TEIDE Self-Adhesive Labelling

Low – 4.000 cont/h

TEIDE Self-Adhesive Labelling

Medium – 12.000 cont/h

TEIDE Self-Adhesive Labelling

High – 30.000 cont/h



Of the Rotary Labeller


The TEIDE rotary labeller for self-adhesive labels allows several labeller heads to be incorporated, depending on the needs of each format, only using those necessary at each moment, label, back label, seal, and as many tags as needed.


The containers enter the rotary through a worm gearbox facilitates the management of production accumulation and to space the containers in order to position them in the rotary container rest plates.


The labeller heads have been also designed by the GMG technical team, thus ensuring proper integration with the rest of the TEIDE labeller. GMG has 3 different headers that allow you to work with production of between 4,000 and 30,000 containers per hour, depending on the needs of the customer.

Thanks to its reliability, robustness & productivity

The rotary labeller for TEIDE self-adhesive labels is the ideal machine for your production line.


Sectors this solution can cater for:




All management and adjustments of the GMG TEIDE rotary labeller is performed through a very easy-to-manage touch screen that allows you to record different parameters to label different packaging and labels formats.



There is no need for maintenance teams whenever it is necessary to change the parameters and any components, label different containers, thanks to the fact that the whole process is carried out without the need for any tools.

TEIDE Self-Adhesive Labelling

Technical Features

  • Rotary machine for containers: cylindrical, oval, triangular etc.
  • Full & empty containers.
  • Up to 4 labels per container.
  • Opaque or transparent labels.
  • Plastic or crystal containers.
  • Label head to 80 mts / min.
  • Quick changeable format system WITHOUT TOOLS.
  • Head support column with micro adjustment (4 shafts).
  • Cap container held controlled by spring or pneumatically.
  • Protection cabin according to CE regulations
  • Accumulation management of the containers entry & exit according to:
    • Retention barrier
    • Feed screw with servo motor
  • Mechanical orientation of the containers or by servomotors.
  • Function management of the machine by PLC & touchscreen.

TEIDE Self-Adhesive Rotary Labeller


  • Label or container encoder.
  • High top motorized plate adjustment.
  • Automatic reel changeover of the label reel.
  • NON-STOP labelling system.
  • Artificial vision with rejection on both sides of the transport chain.
  • Control system managed remotely by MODEM.

Container Material

Label Material

Container Shape

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